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Top Tips to Improve PSLE Chinese Composition ​

PSLE Chinese Composition in PSLE Chinese has a total of 40 marks and accounts for up to 20% of the overall score. Unlike Comprehension, the component in PSLE Chinese Composition is solely dependent on the capacity of the primary school students in Singapore to write what they are thinking.

Some parents in Singapore may notice that their children perform poorly in their primary school Chinese composition compared to their English compositions. This is because many students in Singapore will think about the content they want in English first. After that, they will translate their thoughts into Chinese when they are writing their stories. As a result of this process, the primary meaning of what they wish to express will get lost in translation.

Though it may seem overwhelming, students can score more easily when they master the PSLE Chinese Composition skills.

We have compiled the following 3 tips to help primary students to improve PSLE Chinese Composition in Singapore!
1. Start Writing a Journal

The thinking process of students in Singapore is one of the issues in PSLE Chinese composition writing.

To assist students in Singapore to have good PSLE Chinese composition writing skills, we must teach them how to think in the Chinese language instead of in the English language then translate it. When they put their thoughts on paper in Chinese, they will be able to write a more effective flow of Chinese phrases.

Every student in Singapore is encouraged to write a journal in which they only write in Chinese. In order to encourage Chinese composition writing to improve, students can start by writing a daily journal of one to two sentences. Parents also can communicate to their children in Chinese about their thoughts to boost their Chinese composition writing.

2. Read Chinese Materials

Reading and writing are two abilities that are inextricably linked. Students who enjoy reading will automatically be able to write properly and employ proper Chinese sentence structure, grammar, and idioms.

Students won’t know what correct Chinese composition writing looks like if they don’t read enough. It is also difficult for your children to write well in their PSLE Chinese Composition test.

Reading can assist your children in gaining a better understanding of the Chinese language. It will help them to remember the proper Chinese sentence structure and improve their Chinese composition writing style. Even if your children do not become great writers , it will make it much easier for them to remember and implement good Chinese phrases.

3. Prepare a Chinese Vocabulary and Sentence Bank

To improve PSLE Chinese composition, students in Singapore are encouraged to establish a regularly updated Chinese vocabulary bank for Chinese composition writing. The vocabulary bank can comprise various categories such as weather, family, and activities.

When students are writing a Chinese essay, they can refer to their word bank, which will save them time browsing through a textbook or worksheets for the particular Chinese characters or sentences. This also promotes familiarisation and memory recall, making it easier for students to recall these important Chinese phrases during their Chinese composition examinations.

Weekly Chinese spelling tests or dictation also can be used in conjunction with these Chinese vocabulary banks to help boost and enhance student’s memory.

Studying the Chinese language and mastering Chinese composition writing skills can be difficult, but every student in Singapore can enhance their writing skills by focusing on the proper aspects and avoiding some common mistakes.

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