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Top Chinese Learning Resources for Children in Singapore

Hey busy parents! Are you looking for ways your kids can learn Chinese but not sure how to? Are they daunted by the 50,000 characters of Chinese? Good news then, polishing Chinese language skills has got much easier now, thanks to private tuitions and online resources. We know life can get quite busy, so if you’re looking for your kids to learn from home, we are here to help you with top resources for Chinese learning for beginners. These resources allow your kids to learn Chinese on the way to school, while playing in pajamas or even while watching tv. While learning a language in an organized setting such as a school or tutoring centre has its benefits of interaction and faster grasping of lessons, your kids may also kickstart online! If you don’t know where to start, you’re in luck! We compiled a list of the best resources and courses for learning this wonderful language, all of which are ideal for absolute beginners.
Mobile Apps
In this era, learning and keeping track of your kid’s level of Chinese knowledge has become easy, thanks to all the language learning apps. They are usually easy to use and you get so many lessons, all within the reach of your palm! You can spend about half an hour a day on such learning as they are visually more captivating, hence better drawing your kid’s attention to learning. Some free mobile apps for learning Chinese for beginners are Duolingo, FluentU and Hello Chinese.
Another favourite resource for beginners to learn Chinese is Youtube videos. A select few channels routinely provide excellent, interesting content to aid students in learning Mandarin. Yet again, youtube videos are more attractive for your kids to pay attention to. They will generally give a step-to-step guide for beginners too. Each lesson may even be followed by questions for your kids to practise and ponder upon later. So, some youtube channels you may want to refer to are ‘Yoyo Chinese’, ‘Chinese Pod’ and ‘Learn Chinese Now’.

When it comes to teaching the Chinese language, more traditional approaches like books are still demonstrating their efficacy alongside the digital methods. One advantage of buying books for young kids is their ability to be sensed, seen and felt. Additionally, it’s crucial that each student selects the best material for learning standard Chinese because they’ll likely keep returning to it during their language-learning journey. ‘Chinese for Dummies’ series is for absolute beginners that comes with a CD for listening to Chinese in the voice of native speakers and can be found on Amazon. There’s also ‘Chinese Made Easier’ – a book that focuses on using the language practically!
Communication at home
The most easiest way to dive into teaching beginners is by communicating in Chinese at home. Young children tend to pick up most of their words from parents and caregivers around them, hence you may start teaching your child early by identifying objects, colours and alphabets in Chinese! Even when you talk to rest of the family members, you may be mindful of the language you use. Simple things like that can help them kickstart learning their mother tongue better, before moving on to Chinese lessons.
So what’s next?
Find the ideal resource for you (or several different sources) and get started!
祝你好运! (Zhù nǐ hǎo yùn!) — Good luck!

But if you think you would want to skip the hassle of deciding which resource to choose and how to structure your Chinese learning journey, you can always opt for private tuition. That is where is are experts! Le Xue Education is one such professional Chinese education centre in Singapore. We specialize in providing Chinese Enrichment Programme for young children and aiding students to score well in Singapore examinations through Chinese Tuition Class. So contact us to know more about our programmes.

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