nTop 5 effective study habits for students in Singapore

Top 5 effective study habits for students in Singapore

You do not always have to work hard, but instead work smart to get the results you’ve been aiming for. It seems that developing good study habits for most students, leads them to excel in school and hence exams! Here, not only the students but also the parents can help achieve effective study habits for their children. So let’s help you familiarise yourself with top 5 effective study habits for students in Singapore.
  1. Planning the workload ahead of time
Sometimes, students are hesitant to start an assignment or prepare for an exam because of the overwhelming workload. We get it, that can sound terrifying! However, one great way to get you started is by dividing the workload throughout the week or month perhaps. Even if you have planned your studies for the upcoming week, then you’re already a step ahead! This will not only make your task seem less stressful but also allow you to take only certain pressure at a time. Now it is quite common for students to have digital calendars with reminders. You can set your time of study as well, ensuring you have allocated enough time for all the subjects as well as for recreational activities. Some may even prefer to scribble a daily ‘to-do list’ in a dairy instead. Whatever help! This is one way of keeping track of your progress, motivating you to spend a certain amount of time each day on your studies.
  1. Making notes
It has shown to be effective it terms of most students. Making notes while listening to a lecture is a much more effective and efficient study habit. Notes help the students remember better and then later refer to when revisiting the lecture slides, for example. If not in detail, it has proved to be effective to even scribble down important points or even a flow chart of the topic. So you may want to start making notes if you’re not doing that enough.
  1. Practice makes a man perfect!
Indeed, practice will make a man better if not perfect! The key is to start studying earlier than your tests and exam date so that you have enough time to practice past papers. This means that even if you fail once, you will have time to go through the chapters again and redo the practice papers. It helps you identify your weak areas that need more focus. This way you can focus more on those areas. You can also ask for help from your tutors in school or private tutors. Hence, you’ll be studying smart and not just hard!
  1. Taking breaks
This may be less prioritized by a lot of people, but having enough breaks between your study periods only increases your efficiency and productivity. Utilize this break to take a short nap, eat healthily, or even for recreational activity. Students who are physically active and connects to the ‘outside world’ will be able to stay more focused during their study periods. It also cuts the monotony of studying!
  1. Organised workspace
A decluttered workspace has a lot of pschylogical benefits while studying. It is among the top effective study habits. Arranging your books, notes, and stationary and then starting the day makes a big difference in how efficiently you finish your daily target. In fact, some students prefer to change to multiple study spots perhaps different room in the house or a different study area in school so that they are not bored. That helps too!
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