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Top 3 Useful Tips to Ace PSLE Chinese Oral

Apart from the comprehension part of the PSLE Chinese in Singapore, students should pay attention to the oral component even though it is a relatively smaller part compared to other components in PSLE Chinese examination. Excelling in PSLE Chinese Oral has been one of the toughest parts for most students as they do not get to speak Chinese often in Singapore. If you are a student preparing for PSLE Chinese Oral, then you should not miss this article; it covers the tips and details you need to know before the actual examination!
1. Be loud and clear
In the oral examination where the many pairs of examiners’ eyes are evaluating the students’ performance, many students will feel nervous, and even tremble. Therefore, to be an outstanding exam candidate of PSLE Chinese Oral, calming yourself down is the first step. Overcoming your fears and stress allows you to articulate your thoughts in a clearer manner. According to our observations and experience, students who have trembling voices make it difficult for examiners to understand what they are saying and some examiners may even perceive those students as using terrible or incorrect pronunciation. Therefore, a loud and clear voice will present you as a well-prepared candidate who can overcome the rigour of the examiner with your confident performance!
2. Do not hesitate to ask when you need clarification on the question
The worst and most regrettable thing in the oral examination is when you misunderstand a question. To prevent students from losing marks, students are encouraged to double confirm the questions or ask the examiners to repeat the question when it is not clearly heard. Asking a question does not show you are foolish or dumb; never be afraid to ask. When you understand the examiner’s question, only you can answer it correctly. Remember, asking questions will not lead to a mark deduction, but it will help you understand the requirements better and score well in PSLE Chinese Oral in Singapore.
3. Practice regularly
Regardless of how well a student understands Chinese, they must also put their knowledge into practice. This tests students’ capabilities to apply their knowledge in the PSLE Chinese Oral in Singapore, and whether they can express thoughts and ideas clearly using the correct vocabulary and expressions while answering the oral questions. This can ensure relevancy between the elaboration and the oral question. Students can have regular Chinese conversations with their friends to train their fluency and pronunciation; from there, they can know whether they mispronounced words and keep them in mind. If their friends are good speakers, they may mimic the person’s communication to polish their speaking skills.
In addition, students may practise their speaking skills in front of a mirror or record themselves giving a speech to improve their body gestures. Looking in the mirror helps them to realise how they look while speaking to the examiners, lowering the chance of making mistakes and improving the way they carry themselves. On the other hand, voice recording allows students to listen and reflect on their voice and tone, pinpointing the areas they need to improve.
In conclusion, there’s a high chance that students can score well in PSLE Chinese oral in Singapore if they practise with tactics. Being loud and clear, daring to ask questions and practising regularly are effective tactics that students can prepare themselves before taking the PSLE Chinese oral exam. These good habits can be further strengthened by enrolling in Chinese tuition lessons to see better results, and Le Xue Education is one of the best options for PSLE students in Singapore. Our composition, oral and comprehension (COC) techniques have helped 100% of our students score A and A* for PSLE over the past years! Curious about the techniques? Contact us to learn more about free trials, PSLE workshops and more!

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