nTips to Remember Chinese Characters Faster

Tips to Remember Chinese Characters Faster

Most of the Chinese characters are made of existing ones and arranged to another composition. Most people who know the basics already know this!

There are often components that has individual meanings in each character. It is easier to memorize when you think that some of the parts represent a basic idea.

With them being combined, it creates a new word. With this in mind, some basic components of Chinese characters can be memorized easier by;

1. Breaking characters down into their basic components

If you combine the character for Tree 木 and Axe 斤 you get 析 which means “To Separate”. The axe is used to separate the wood into two. Visualizing what each character means is a great help in memorizing them, which brings us to the next part and that is;

2. Character visualizations

We can develop a strong association between the “separate” character and its component characters by using a component-centered mnemonic strategy. We can associate this character with the image of someone chopping wood with an axe and separating pieces of wood in our mind. It displays a cut tree and the rings inside the tree, which are used to evaluate the properties of the tree, to recall the characters to be “analyzed”.

Imaginative visualizations can help you learn more effectively. This is a fantastic way to get your reading muscle off the ground. You’ll be able to break down and retain the meaning of the character the next time it is shown. The strategy will be more effective if your visualization is more vivid.

3. Making something new with Previous Knowledge

We can also take it a step further. You’ll get the meaning after a while of staring at the “separate” character and conjuring up mental images. With enough repetition, you’ll be able to look at a character and instantly recognize its meaning without having to use your mnemonic strategy.

Let’s make an image with only two components now that we’ve learned the latter character. Consider a tree that has been cut down and the rings have been exposed for analysis. Now add some sunshine to the mix. The sun is at its greatest point in the sky, beaming light on the chopped tree to aid in the analysis process and provide a clearer picture of the tree. Stronger visuals, once again, contribute to more successful memorization.

4. Pinyin Pronunciations

In languages written with the Latin alphabet, Pinyin without tone marks is used to spell Chinese names and words, as well as in some computer input methods to enter Chinese characters. Since definitions are only half of the picture, pinyin will give you the complete picture of the character.

5. Pronouncing the Characters

Visualize and associate the pronunciation of the characters created. As you progress in your Chinese, you will likely discover that these mnemonics become less and less useful. Hearing and reading the characters and sounds in association over and over again will help you recognize them. However, when you’re just getting started, using funny approaches like these in your flashcards might be beneficial. But of course, you won’t have to make up stories indefinitely. Once you’ve remembered the character a few times using this method, you’ll find it easier to retain meanings and readings. Next is to;

6. Character Tones

There are 4 types of tones in the Chinese language;

  • – Smooth, creating a sense of wholeness and inner serenity. The entire image takes on a calm feeling when the Chinese character is read in this tone.
  • – Ascends and rises, symbolizing heavenly paradise. The visualization can take on a happy or reverent tone with the second tone.
  • – The mood in these visualizations can be emotional agitation or turbulence.
  • – Descends. These final renderings often have a mournful or menacing tone to them.

Remember that in order for your visions to be effective, they must be strong, because weak and lazy visualizations will be easily forgotten. To better help your children remember Chinese characters fast, you may take help of private tuition centres. Le Xue Education is one such Chinese tuition centre in Singapore, that can help your child to have a better visualization of chinese characters in a fun way! You can contact us now and get a free trial session!

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