nTips for Students in Singapore to Ace The New School Year In 2022

Tips for Students in Singapore to Ace The New School Year In 2022

With a new academic year approaching and  the school holiday in Singapore ending, many parents in Singapore want to do everything they can to assist their children in getting ready for school.

However, preparing their children for school in Singapore entails much more than picking up the latest fashion trends and school accessories. 

For many Singapore students, starting a new academic year or returning to school after the holidays can be difficult because they must re-acclimate to school or if they are returning to school, they are moving up a grade level, with new topics and a harder burden. 

For students in Singapore who are not adequately prepared, this might be extremely overwhelming. Therefore, it is necessary to complete some “homework” before the first school bell rings in order to ensure that your children are ready. 

With these simple tips, you can create a smooth transition into the school year for your child and get ready for a great year ahead with confidence.

Set Specific Goals
As a parent, you are encouraged to work with your children to figure out what they want to get out of this school year in Singapore. You can discuss with them and accompany them to break down the long-term objectives into smaller objectives. This allows your child to envision themselves in achieving the goals.

If your child’s objective for this year is to gain an AL1 in PSLE Chinese, you can assist him to think about all of the practical and beneficial strategies that will help him achieve that goal.

As a result, the realistic steps your child must take to earn an AL1 in PSLE Chinese will require him to spend more time on his Chinese homework and build a strong foundation in the Chinese Language.

Review The Most Difficult Materials from The Previous School Year.
If your children still have some time before the start of the new school year, why not make better use of it by reviewing some of last year’s subjects before the first day of class?

After your children are out of touch with the school syllabus over the holidays in Singapore, many things may have gone rusty. They may have some areas where they are weaker.

This is the opportunity for your child to make some improvements before starting the new school year in Singapore. This is the opportunity for your children to make some improvements before starting the new school year in Singapore. For example, your children can browse through the contents of their study materials and check out the reference book to prepare themselves.

Motivate Your Children
Praise your children not only for their accomplishments but also for their efforts. Let them know you believe in them, and talk about any new skills they learned over the summer, such as independence, time management, and tenacity.

Sometimes students in Singapore tend to believe that ‘going to school’ is something they should do’ or ‘have to do,’ rather than something they ‘want to do.’

Thus, parents in Singapore are encouraged to ask their children why attaining better results or performing better at their school works is essential to them so that their children will be internally motivated to accomplish better all year.

Prepare and Tidy Up Your Children’s Study Area
Cleaning up the study table allows your children in Singapore to start the new year and clear out the junk from this year. As a parent, you can assist your children to put those old study materials out of sight and motivate them to be confident in their knowledge. Having a tidy study table can keep the distractions at bay and allow your children to concentrate on their tasks.

You also can prepare a distraction-free area away from TVs and phones for your children to make their study time more productive. Remember that this space needs all of the essential accessories such as pens, paper, scissors and so on.

Regardless of how prepared they are for the new school year in Singapore, parents should advise their children to keep an open mind and be ready to meet new friends at school. They may even become your children’s revision partners, working hard with your children and assisting them in passing their exams. Let your children start their new school year with confidence.

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