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Things to consider while looking for good Chinese tuitions in Singapore

As children grow older and have to take O levels and A levels, most parents start to worry about private tuitions in Singapore. While the first thing they check is the tutor’s qualifications, they often tend to neglect the rest of the factors. Same goes for the mother tongue subject-Chinese. While most students tend to get busy with other subjects and only join Chinese tuitions nearer to the O level exams, it is essential to choose the right tutor or tuition centre in such crucial times. So what are some essential things to consider when it comes to looking for a good Chinese tuition in Singapore?

Qualification of the tutor

This is the most basic and important factor when it comes to choosing a Chinese teacher. This gives the first impression about the teacher’s knowledge and depth of understanding of the subject. The Chinese tutor should have at least a bachelor’s degree and sufficient experience teaching Chinese as a second language.

Experience of teaching

Experienced Chinese teachers have a better understanding of how to help students avoid frequent blunders made by Chinese learners. They would also have a better idea of good resources and where to find them in order to teach the students. Years of experience would also mean that these tutors know best about how to prepare their students, create revision materials, check papers and hence judge their student’s preparation.

Familiar with syllabus and changes

The Chinese tutor needs to stay up to date about the syllabus and exam format in Singapore to be specific. Any changes in above should also reflect in the teaching methods. Hence, a good tutor who is genuinely passionate about the subject and teaching it, would be curious and would want to change their teaching materials according to the changes in syllabus

Teach with patience

Being knowledgeable and experienced alone does not make a good tutor! The Chinese tutor should be able to give justifications or explanations for the answers and not just provide the students with solutions to questions. This proves how passionate the teacher is towards the subject. Especially Singaporean students who are weaker in Chinese may need more undivided attention and this is where the tutor needs to be very patient with the students to ensure they score well in exams.

Bilingual Chinese tutors

Having Chinese tutors who speak both English and Chinese for example, have proved to be beneficial for students who find it hard to learn the subject. An effective bilingual Chinese tutor can assist in providing fast translations when needed. Thus, effective learning can take place with fewer obstacles!
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