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These Strategies will Help Students in Singapore Enjoy Learning Chinese​

“My child cried after knowing that he will have his first Chinese enrichment class tomorrow, and he asked me to cancel it.”

“My child has no interest in reading Chinese books, even if he is engaging story books filled with colorful pictures. No matter how much I try, I just can’t get his interest to read Chinese books the same way he loves to read English books”

“I’ve tried to communicate with my child in Chinese, but he always responds in English.”

Sounds familiar? You’re not alone.

Even after entering kindergarten or nursery school, children in Singapore who have grown up in an English-speaking environment are typically hesitant to communicate in Chinese. It’s no surprise that children are resistant to learning Chinese.

In order to enable your children in Singapore to enjoy learning Chinese, the first step is to instil the proper attitude toward their mother tongue. At home, English seems to have surpassed Chinese as the most often spoken language in Singapore. Therefore, parents have to be positive role models. For example, when your child sees you speaking Chinese every day, they will feel more at ease learning the Chinese language.
Apply these tips to help your child in Singapore find joy in learning Chinese!

1. Start Young

Do you know the golden period in learning languages for children? The golden period in learning languages is between the ages of 4-7 years old.

Children at this age tend to be more inclined towards pictures and toys rather than words.

However, If children in Singapore were to learn Chinese through the traditional method of memorizing and reciting phrases or they find the Chinese subject at school to be too difficult, this would smother any passion they have for Chinese.

You may boost your child’s confidence and interest in Chinese by capitalising on the vital period and laying a solid foundation while they’re still young!

2. Label Items at Home

To help students in Singapore enjoy learning Chinese, you have to make them don’t feel like studying Chinese is a chore. Printing out Chinese characters and labelling the things at home with stickers can help your child develop an interest in the Chinese language.

For example, you can put a “桌子” sticker on the table. This way, your child will learn this Chinese word every time he uses the table. Looking at the Chinese characters while doing something fun will put your child in a happy condition. This will make their brain learn some new Chinese words actively and they will remember these triggers and find it easier to take up the Chinese language.

3. Learn Chinese Together with Your Child

Learning Chinese with your children is one of the most effective ways to cultivate their interest in the Chinese language. Keep in mind that parents are always the role model for your child and you are irreplaceable in your child’s eyes.

As a parent in Singapore, you can make an effort to speak Chinese with your family more often. You also can make one day a week a special “Chinese Speaking Day,” where you only talk to each other in Chinese.

By hearing and practising the Chinese language in a real-life situation, students in Singapore will realise the importance of learning Chinese and help to build their confidence in the Chinese language.

4. Enrol in a Chinese Enrichment Class

It may be difficult for non-Chinese-speaking parents to teach their children Mandarin if they are not fluent in the Chinese language. If the learning methods currently being used to teach Chinese are not effectively engaging students in Singapore, it can lead to the students cultivating a bad relationship with learning Chinese in the long run.

To overcome this problem and let the students in Singapore enjoy learning Chinese, there are Chinese enrichment classes in Singapore where experienced teachers can fill up the gaps.

Enrolling in a Chinese enrichment class in Singapore for your child can reinforce what your child has learned at school. For example, Le Xue Education in Singapore offers an immersive Chinese learning environment.

In Le Xue Education, students in Singapore will learn the Chinese language through proprietary 3R method by the founder, Ms Vivien Le. The refined delivery method of the contents makes the Chinese language much more appealing to the students. This helps students of all ages in Singapore to develop a strong Chinese foundation, preparing them to cope with Chinese in school and even start to develop a passion for Chinese!
Nurture Your Child’s Love for Chinese with Le Xue Education

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