Violet (Yue Hao Lee’s Mother)

Yuehao has always been shy and quiet and he has low confidence in his Chinese.  and I knew that my child needed extra help in Chinese as he has no interest in Chinese language. I found out many information about Le Xue on Facebook, and decided to send him to Le Xue.

He started with 3R programmes and just after 6 lessons, he told me he is keen on learning more Chinese and felt that he learnt more knowledge than what was taught in one term in school. I am pleasantly surprised because he doesn’t like Chinese and furthermore, Chinese tuition must be very dry to him. However, he was able to understand many idioms and proverbs, which made me realise how much he was learning in the 3R Programme.

The teacher at Le Xue constantly updates me with his progress and gives very comprehensive feedback all the time. They really very dedicated to ensure he was doing well, Thanks so much for Le Xue!