Aian Reid (Scott’s Mother)

“…Not Only Learn How To Remember Chinese Characters…But Also Speak Better Chinese!”

Thank you so much for Ms Le Vivien and her experienced team. Le Xue has a great help in helping Scott to build strong interest in his Chinese. He has enjoyed your classes so much and he is also more confident than before.

Before joined lessons, my child struggled really badly with Interest in Chinese. After attending Le Xue 3R Independent Reader workshop, Chinese seemed much more interesting as an subject. Ms Le helps my child by more than 9 fun activities in Qianjuwen classes that enabled him to not only learn how to remember Chinese Characters, but also speak better Chinese! I am really grateful to her!

Kudos to you and your team, especially introducing all these new methods to help Scott to overcome their struggles in interesting Chinese. I’m glad I placed Scott under your tutelage for his Chinese subject!”