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Do you want to know the secret of how 70% of our students scored A & A* from fail for PSLE Chinese over the multiple years?

Is Your Child Ready To Secure Grade ONE or TWO For His/Her PSLE Chinese?

Call-out to the P6 parents of 2024 who want their children to do well for PSLE Chinese and looking for a head start among their peers!

Many parents come to us only at the P6 year with a hope to secure Grade 1 or 2.

We help their children with last-minute improvements and to prevent Chinese from pulling down their aggregate, all so they can get to a good school.

Common Problems Faced by Primary 6 Students

  • Running out of time to secure Grade 1 or 2?
  • Hard to improve PSLE Chinese grades in a short period?
  • Not interested in learning Chinese and lack answering skills of Composition, Oral and Comprehension?

If your child can relate to any of these, you should check out our blueprint that has helped 70% of our students to achieve A & A* in PSLE Chinese for the past years

Compiling more than 2 decades of experiences helping students to improve from fail to A & A* (now AL 1 and 2) during the P6 year, our principal Ms. Vivien Le developed a process that anyone can follow and automatically improve in time for PSLE Chinese.

This year, we are offering an Iron-Clad Guarantee to all our students. FREE additional intensive 1-to-1 coaching will be provided until he/she starts improving the grades if higher grades cannot be scored after six months of following through our program. 

Here's the blueprint for 70% of Le Xue's graduates to achieve A & A* over multiple years

We will cover all these with your child in this coming PSLE Chinese tuition class:

1. Discover The 3R Chinese Character Method

  • 3R Method is a unique learning method developed by our Founder and Principal, Ms. Vivien Le, who is an ex-Catholic high teacher with over 24 years of experience teaching in a top Chinese-scoring school and has authored books on the topic
  • Fully understand and grasp the concepts of vocabulary in just a short period
  • Apply their knowledge in their comprehension and compositions to understand comprehension passages or write idioms, sayings and good phrases in their compositions

2. Discover Composition & Comprehension & oral topics of PSLE Chinese from 2014-2023

  • Series study (E.g. Bad Habit Series, Honesty Series, and etc.)
  • Theme related vocabulary building, model composition appreciation words – idioms-sayings by using Le Xue’s unique 3R Method  
  • Essay writing with reference to the vocabulary and model sentence list
  • Essay writing follow by teacher’s marking
  • Revision of the Series Composition & Comprehension & oral by Topic/Theme
  • Techniques with a statistical breakdown of what really goes on behind the PSLE marking scene
  • Creative method of teaching the students how to tackle the challenging PSLE Chinese
  • Learn critical skills for students to score well in their PSLE Chinese & other subjects

3. EXCLUSIVE at PSLE Chinese Tuition Class: Exam Paper Strategy

  • Ms Le predicted the PSLE Chinese topics accurately for 5 consecutive years from 2016 to 2023. 
  • Build a strong foundation before mastering the exam paper strategy will help your child to soar and even jump multiple grades.

Here at Le Xue, we want to support our parents during this stressful period. Hence for 2024, Le Xue offers both Physical tuition class and Online Intensive Class for your Primary 6 child to achieve AL1s in the PSLE Chinese Examination.

Early Birds Bonus: The first 5 sign-ups get to redeem 4 PSLE Chinese Oral Coaching Class (worth $294) to boost your child’s marks!

The Most Satisfying Online Chinese Tuition Experience in Singapore: The Complete Buffet Of Chinese Skills & Strategies That Any Child Can Feast On

We reveal the ultimate online intensive PSLE Chinese tuition programme to help your child get from B to AL1 in the PSLE Chinese Examination

  • Starts in December 2023
  • Comprises 40 Chinese tuition lessons which will guide your child all the way until the Singapore PSLE Chinese Examination in 2024

Here’s how we are doing things differently & what we are offering:

  • Online PSLE Chinese Tuition classes will be led by our Founder, Ms. Vivien Le. We give you reassurance knowing that your child is prepared for PSLE Chinese. For several years our PSLE Chinese Distinction rate has been 70%. The good news is, we’re taking the same curriculum online.
  • Our patented 3R method to learn Chinese 5 times faster is developed by Founder Ms. Vivien Le. She is an ex-Catholic high teacher with over 25 years of experience teaching in a top Chinese-scoring school and has authored books on the topic.

With the same blueprint, your child will be prepared by the ex-Catholic High teacher, Ms. Le to excel in their Chinese PSLE!

What Do Our Parents Say About Le Xue PSLE Chinese Tuition?


1. Who should attend the PSLE Chinese Tuition Classes 2024?

This programme is tailored for Primary 6 students who are looking to excel at the PSLE Chinese exam in 2024. If your child is Primary 1-5, we do offer another programme – click here to find out more.

2. What will my child learn in PSLE Chinese Tuition classes?

The PSLE Chinese tuition in Le Xue equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the PSLE Chinese examination in Singapore. The Chinese tuition classes will cover: 

  • Discover Composition & Comprehension & oral PSLE topics from 2014-2023 and how you can improve easily and quickly
  • Series study (E.g. Bad Habit Series, Honesty Series, and etc.)
  • Theme related vocabulary building, model composition appreciation words – idioms-sayings by using Le Xue’s unique 3R Method 
  • Essay writing with reference to the vocabulary and model sentence list
  • Revision of the Series Composition, Comprehension & Oral by Topic/Theme

3. What are the types of programs and tuition classes available for the PSLE students?

There are 3 types of Chinese tuition programmes tailored for PSLE students:

  1. 3R Joyful Learning Program

Align with the Singapore primary school Chinese syllabus, this program helps students in Singapore step-by-step to get consistent results for their Chinese papers. They will be able to secure easy marks first and start to build more confidence in aiming for AL1 in the Chinese examination.

  1. Composition, Oral & Comprehension Class (COC)

Through the COC technique, our students will learn how to tackle the challenging PSLE Chinese composition and comprehension in a creative way. They will be equipped with the critical skills to score well in the PSLE Chinese examination in Singapore.

  1. Le Xue ‘4-in-1’ Class (Combination of 3R Joyful and COC Programs)

This class enables our students to grasp the Chinese vocabulary ahead of their peers. Our students will learn everything they need to master the Chinese paper components, from comprehension, composition, listening to oral.

4. What are included in PSLE Online Intensive tuition class?

Our PSLE Online Intensive Tuition Class starts on 6 December 2022 and comprises 40 lessons that will guide Primary 6 students in Singapore until PSLE 2023. The same curriculum that helps our graduates to excel will be conducted via Zoom.

5. What’s the difference between physical and online tuition class?

Our physical class has 4-in-1 Class (Combination of 3R Joyful and Composition, Oral & Comprehension Programs). We also provide iron-clad guarantees for the students of our physical class.

6. What’s so special about the 3R Independent Reader Program?

Our students have learnt Chinese 5 times faster and become an independent reader after going through this program developed by our Principal, Ms Vivien Le. The students will learn how to Recognise, Remember, and Read characters through specially curated play activities such as speech & drama, songs, flash cards and word games.

7. I am worried that my child couldn’t follow the syllabus and improve his grades.

We have an iron-clad guarantee for you! If your child follows through our program for at least six months and does not score higher grades, we will provide additional intensive coaching for FREE until he/she starts improving the grades. We will bear full responsibility to ensure your child does well.

8. What’s the promotion for early birds?

Early birds get to redeem 4 PSLE Oral Coaching Class (worth $294). Only for the first 5 sign-ups.

Achieve Excellence in PSLE Chinese Examination in Singapore together with Le Xue Education now!

If you’re keen to learn more about our tuition classes and programmes, fill in the form below and we will get back to you soon!