nPSLE Chinese Study Hacks

PSLE Chinese Study Hacks

It has been a norm to teach children English as their first language so that they’d be more competitive in the future. But the drawback to that is that they see Chinese as more of a challenge than learning English. Some of them get confused between the difference of some letters thus making them less interested in the subject.

It is very hard to pick up another language but we can get pass that difficulty by making the learning process a little bit more fun. Specially when they are about to take the PSLE test soon.

Here’s some study hacks that you can use to help out your little star move up to their Secondary 1 schooling

1. Studying the Previous Materials

– First step is to find previous test from past years. The Chinese test for Writing, Language Use and Comprehension, and finally Oral Communication and Listening Comprehension from last year are here; Past Tests

– Once the student has studied the syllabus for the exams, it is time to learn some techniques for tackling the exam papers and Chinese exam questions. These are slightly more specific and advanced techniques that should help with different parts of the exam.

2. Identify and focus on topics you are weak in

– As the exam date approaches, make sure your child is focusing on the areas that will really make a difference. The more targeted the practice is, the more impact it will give. Because it is difficult to learn more skills. The old exam papers have sets on them that helps out in the sorting.

-Your child’s language skills are as good as they will be on the exam in the weeks leading up to the exam day. So, it will be best not to force your child to memorize. Instead, let them do task books based off of the PSLE test and have them timed so they can practise for real exam time.

3. Mental Preparation

– The exam is scary for your child so it would be best not to scare your child whenever they fail the practice tests. As a parent, you should watch out for what parts they are good at and what parts are they bad at. It will be different for every child, so its best to keep an eye and help them out through every step of the journey

– Rest is very essential when studying hard. You can use the Pomodoro Technique for calculating rest times. (25 minutes of work, and then take a break. Helps your child think that the exams are not that scary)

The purpose of PSLE is to see whether your child is ready for the next level of their life. They would be if you were beside them through every step of the process. They need your help in studying and also in making the test less scary.

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