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Proven Time Management Tips for Students in Singapore ​

Time management is a valuable life skill to have. As kids become older, they’ll need to learn to be more self-sufficient and manage their own tasks and time. Singapore students’ time management abilities are becoming increasingly vital in today’s busy world.

Managing school work with after-school activities can be difficult for most students in Singapore. Between preparing for different exams, enrolling in new classes, reading books and writing papers, there are a lot of tasks to complete as a student in Singapore.

With good time management skills, a student in Singapore can gain a clear understanding of which tasks require his or her attention and action, as well as how to prioritise that list for maximum efficiency. He or she will be able to complete the tasks in a shorter amount of time, allowing him or her to complete more tasks or devote more time to other activities.

However, if your child hasn’t started to practise these time management tips yet, now is the time to get going! Here are three effective time management tips for your child as a student in Singapore to manage their time effectively.
1. Define and priorities tasks

By defining what has to be accomplished within a certain timeframe, tasks can be graded according to their importance. This is the first step towards better time management. Students in Singapore can achieve their goals by setting priorities for each day, week, month, and year. It also aids in the prioritisation of things that are crucial but not urgent.

As a student in Singapore, you are encouraged to make lists that can help you to get the important and urgent tasks done efficiently and on time. You also can start by identifying tasks that must be completed within a short time frame, then move on to projects with longer deadlines. Having flexibility is also crucial. If necessary, you also can rearrange the to-do list. What matters is that the tasks are completed to the best of your abilities.

2. Reduce the distractions to sharpen focus

It is not easy to stay focused when distractions are everywhere and around us all the time such as video games, social media, toys and pets. All of these are potential distractions from our current tasks. Learning how to reduce the distraction is an important next step in being a master of time management.

To stay focused and concentrate on the schoolwork, it is important for a student in Singapore to create a study zone that is free of mess to organise his or her tasks. Some Singapore students prefer to work in silence, while others find that listening to music helps them concentrate. If you found out that you are not completing your schoolwork in a timely manner, you may want to reconsider your study environment and make changes.

Digital distractions and other attention-grabbers can also be reduced. For example, are mobile phones and television a source of distractions? If that’s the case, you have to switch off the television and put away the devices such as phones and tablets in a different room until you have finished your current assignments.

3. Stop procrastinating

This is an important aspect in time management. As a student in Singapore, if you start procrastinating, you will face the risk of missing crucial deadlines or fulfilling them with low-quality work. Your school grades and academic performance would most likely decrease as a result of the situation. If you’re already prone to procrastination, it’ll take some time and work to break the habit, but it’ll be well worth it in the end.

There are a variety of things you may do to avoid procrastinating such as reward yourself for meeting a deadline. This can help you improve your time management skills. Stick to your schedule and keep your long-term objectives in mind. Don’t be stressed if you don’t stick to your time management plan. Instead, go over your priorities and calendar again and make any necessary revisions. Just keep in mind that you can accomplish it!


In the long run, your time management abilities will improve and become ingrained in your daily life. These are only some time management recommendations for students in Singapore; you will have to try them out and see the positive results for yourself!

As you continue to practise this habit, your working efficiency and effectiveness will experience a significant rise. You will be able to get your schoolwork done in a short period of time and devote your time to other activities such as learning Chinese with Le Xue Education in Singapore!

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