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Chinese Tuition
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3R Independent Reader

At the first stage of learning Chinese, it is important for your child to learn how to Recognise, Remember, and Read Chinese characters in a fun and meaningful way. This allows them to learn Chinese up to 5 times faster and build a strong foundation to be an Independent Learner of the Chinese Language.

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The first and most critical component is "认" (Roots Recognition), which studies the origin of how all Chinese characters are formed. Unlike normal teaching methods where the child learns and memorises one character at a time, studying the origin and how the character was formed lets him actually learn 5 times more characters or even more! Your child will also start to understand how each word is formed instead of painfully memorising how to write them. The result? He will start to recognise "families" of the same word even if he has never seen them before. Imagine your child learning 5 times faster than his peers!


After "认" recognition, the 2nd most important is to "记" (Remember) it in other forms to engage the whole brain. And not just any kind of remembering. How do children remember best? Through play of course. Unlike most other centres and preschools in which play activities carried out randomly… This method uses Mnemonic Play; consisting 9 specific Play activities specially created that integrates the words they just learnt to recognise into creative activities such as Speech & Drama, Songs, Flash Cards, Word Games etc. The best part? Your child will not only be learning how to remember Chinese Characters… he will even begin to speak better Chinese and relate Chinese to fun & play! This is very critical in nurturing his interest in Chinese and engages his creativity in using the language.


Now that they are interested and had a lot of fun in remembering Chinese , the last part of the process is Read "读" (Characters-linked Reading). Characters-linked reading takes all the characters freshly entered into their memories and transfers them to practical use and long term memory. How it's done differently, is that the our picture storybooks follow the same theme and topic as what they just recognised (认) and remembered (记). Through Character-Linked Reading of picture storybooks, they start to apply everything they learnt and reading is even linked to fun for them as well. And 6 months later, this means children start to read Chinese books and primary school textbooks by themselves because it's fun to read!

  • “Thank you Le Xue for helping to make Chinese such a positive experience for Wang Jing and Kailin.”

    Berlin Ng
    Wang Jing & Wang Kailin's Mom
  • Cheng En has improved greatly after attending the LeXue 3R Independent Reader Method Programme for only nine lessons. He used to fail his Higher Chinese tests in school, but just after nine lessons of 3R Independent Reader programme he improved greatly and was able to pass his Higher Chinese test. His school teacher was so excited to see his amazing improvement and called me, asking me (chengen’s mum) to congratulate Cheng En. N…ot only that, his attitude towards learning Chinese changed greatly.He no longer disliked it, but found it interesting and is more willing to learn the language.”

    Mdm Lim Ren Sing
    Lee Cheng En Kason's Mum
  • “Yuehao has always been shy and quiet and he has low confidence in his Chinese. and I knew that my child needed extra help in Chinese as he has no interest in Chinese language. I found out many information about Le Xue on Facebook, and decided to send him to Le Xue.

    He started with 3R programmes and just after 6 lessons, he told me he is keen on learning more Chinese and felt that he learnt more knowledge than what was taught in one term in school. I am pleasantly surprised because he doesn’t like Chinese and furthermore, Chinese tuition must be very dry to him. However,he was able to understand many idioms and proverbs, which made me realise how much he was learning in the 3R Programme.”

    Yue Hao Lee's Mother


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