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Role Of Parents In Supporting Their Child’s Preparation For Primary School Chinese Exam

Jan 15, 2023

It’s not difficult for many parents to teach their kids their ABCs and 123s, but what about Chinese characters and Chinese words?

You might find a solution by enrolling your children in a Chinese enrichment class in Singapore. However, it can be difficult for parents to remain calm about their children acquiring a second language, especially if that language is not frequently used at home. Therefore, entrusting your child to a Chinese tutor who understands how to make kids love Chinese is a fantastic place to start.

When children are struggling academically, parents’ first inclination is usually to enrol them in Chinese enrichment classes. Never fear if you’re concerned that your child could find Chinese enrichment classes to be too much. Here are some ways that these classes can help your children and even inspire a love of Chinese in them.

1. Instil love in the Chinese language

Learning to speak Chinese takes more than just learning the language; it also entails knowing about the culture. They are so interconnected that your child may begin studying Chinese folklore, its history, and its roots in a Chinese enrichment class because of how closely they are related. In the long term, learning about the culture might even make their enrichment programmes more enjoyable. Since kids enjoy stories about everything, tutors can use them to supplement their teaching.

2. Enhance social skills

If you enrol your child in a Chinese Enrichment Class in Singapore, they will meet many other kids who share their objectives. Together, they may practise their developing Chinese abilities and make friends while learning new things, which will help your child’s social skills. They will be able to pick up useful abilities like communication, conflict resolution, and more.

It should come as no surprise that Chinese teachers have a favourable impact on students’ learning. Children benefit immensely and are considerably more motivated to study when teachers show concern and investment in their Chinese learning. Teachers play a crucial role in inspiring students to love whatever subject they teach, especially Chinese, by having extensive training and a passion for learning.

A good Chinese enrichment teacher would know how to ignite their students’ love for learning and get them excited about studying the language. They can employ innovative teaching techniques like Chinese phonetics, which aids in teaching kids how to pronounce Chinese words. Teachers sow the seed for a real love of the language by showing genuine affection and concern for the students.

4. Enhances Chinese learning capacity

Enrolling your child in a Chinese enrichment programme can speed up their learning because the instructors emphasise starting off slowly and working their way up. A child can learn more easily and retain information thanks to this easy procedure. You’d be shocked to see how quickly your child’s Chinese skills start to advance.

Children who get the chance to discover their hidden abilities and take part in fun activities might develop skills that are applicable to academic subjects in school. These abilities include self-directed learning, test preparation, and time management. They greatly benefit from these fundamental study habits in their academics and further education.

Chinese culture in Le Xue 3R Chinese enrichment class is viewed as fundamental to learning Chinese. Your children will quickly master their mother tongue through immersive elements including character development, structured play, Chinese phonetics, and even Chinese theatre. If children can learn Chinese naturally every day, they would appreciate and cherish it much more.

Le Xue Education specialises in providing young children with a Chinese Enrichment Programme and helping students perform well on Singapore tests. We also offer 3R efficient learning techniques to help our kids to learn Chinese more quickly and efficiently. Your children will quickly master their mother tongue through immersive elements, including character development, structured play, Chinese phonetics, and even Chinese speech and drama, only at Le Xue. Contact us to find out more!

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