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Learning Chinese is Easy for Children!

The need of learning Mandarin Chinese language is even greater for young kids in Singapore, who are increasingly exposed to the language. As children fight to outdo one another in order to gain admission to better colleges and institutions and eventually compete for jobs, studying the Mandarin Chinese language will help them distinguish themselves from their peers.

All students in Singapore are required to learn a second language, generally known as our Mother Tongue Language. Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level (‘O’ Level) and Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level (‘A’ Level) all require students to take Mother Tongue Language as a required subject in addition to their other subjects. In Singapore, it is pretty easy to get Chinese lessons for your child if you have a goal in mind for your child.

Learn Chinese this way!


A significant number of Chinese language tutors are available in Singapore. Aside from schools and universities, students, especially primary school students rely on private tutoring to gain a deeper understanding of a subject. These Chinese language tuition firms give both private one-on-one instruction as well as group instruction at their own tuition facilities.

Tuition Center

Private Chinese language tuition allows the teachers to tailor the sessions to the needs and abilities of each individual student. They are more individualised in terms of the pace of instruction, the lesson design, and the availability of flexible scheduling to accommodate the needs of individual students. They are more expensive than group tuition, but they are more effective when compared to group instruction.

Group Lesson

Group Chinese language lessons, on the other hand, are beneficial for pupils since they allow them to develop their conversational abilities. They are able to communicate in Chinese with one another as well as with the instructor. It also contributes to the development of a competitive attitude, which in turn encourages pupils to put in greater effort in their language acquisition. When it comes to group Chinese language tuition, one of the most significant disadvantages is that courses are set at fixed times and cannot be adjusted to accommodate individual schedules. Additionally, because the teacher-to-student ratio is higher, individual attention may be compromised.

Le Xue Education offers Chinese language classes for primary school students with a variety of goals in mind – from learning the basics to passing the national Chinese examinations. If you want to ace your PSLE/ O/ A level Chinese language exams or ace the Chinese language examination, read on. Contact us NOW to get a TRIAL session!

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