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Is Chinese Enrichment Class Good for Kids Aged 4-7?

There are several advantages for your child to learning and master the Chinese language. With this, your child will have a bunch of new opportunities as a result of being fluent in a second language, and doing so will also help them learn new knowledge more quickly because it stimulates their brains. However, your child may become bored if they only communicate with you in Chinese. Therefore, Chinese enrichment lessons for kids aged 4 to 7 in Singapore can be beneficial at this point. Never fear if you are worried that a Chinese enrichment class may be too much for your kid! Here are some ways the Chinese enrichment class can help your children and even inspire a love of Mandarin.

Build a solid Chinese foundation.

It’s undeniable that teachers have a positive impact on students’ learning. Children will benefit immensely and are much more motivated to learn when teachers show concern and involvement in their learning. Thus, teachers are crucial in inspiring students to love whatever subject they teach, including Chinese.

An excellent Chinese teacher would know how to inspire their students’ love for Chinese learning and get them excited about studying the Chinese language. They can employ innovative teaching techniques like the 3R method in Le Xue Education, which aids in teaching kids Chinese in fun yet effective way. With their care, teachers sow the seed that will go into a genuine love for the Chinese language.

Able to play and learn in the Chinese Enrichment Class

Even though they are referred to as “classes,” you might be surprised to realise that most preschool Chinese enrichment sessions involve a lot of fun. The best learning process for kids is through playing; therefore, instead of memorising and learning by rote like earlier generations did, it is an excellent method to utilise playtime to introduce them to concepts and terminology in Chinese.

Children learn via play and are more likely to remember words and phrases that they naturally pick up than those read to them in a school because they are naturally driven to do so. Playing helps a child’s memory, which will be incredibly beneficial for learning their mother tongue. In Le Xue, children will identify the Chinese language with happiness and fun through speech and drama, songs, flashcards and craft games in Chinese.

Enhance Capacity for Chinese Learning & Social Competence

Enrolling your child in a Chinese enrichment class can speed up their learning because the tutors will start the syllabus slowly and work their way up. Children can learn more easily and retain information due to this easy method. You’d be shocked to see how quickly your child’s Chinese skills start to advance! If you enrol your child in a Chinese enrichment class in Singapore, they will meet many other kids who share their same goals. Together, they may practise their developing Chinese abilities and make friends while learning new things, which will help your child’s social skills. 

Le Xue education is the best platform for kids to learn Chinese.

It is never too early to kickstart your child’s Chinese learning journey. Start them with enjoyable informal learning to pique their interest in learning more. When they are prepared, pick the best Chinese enrichment class with a thorough curriculum that will fuel their enthusiasm for Chinese. 

Le Xue Education specialises in providing young children with a Chinese Enrichment Programme and helping students perform well on Singapore tests. We also offer 3R efficient learning techniques to help our kids to learn Chinese more quickly and efficiently. Your children will quickly master their mother tongue through immersive elements, including character development, structured play, Chinese phonetics, and even Chinese speech and drama, only at Le Xue.


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