nMethods to Help Singapore Students Learn Chinese Better-

Interesting Methods to Help Singapore Students Learn Chinese Better

Everything starts off with a certain degree of difficulty due to unfamiliarity; learning Chinese in Singapore is challenging as English is the most spoken language in Singapore. This kind of non-Chinese speaking environment puts Singapore’s students in a challenging situation when they are about to learn and speak Chinese from scratch. In order to instil a passion and love for the Chinese language, as parents, you can take the initiative to adopt interesting methods to stimulate your child’s Chinese potential and unleash them as well. If you want to know more about how to learn Chinese better, keep reading on.
1. Cultivate the habit of reading Chinese
It is vital for young children to recognise Chinese characters when they are a beginner in learning the language. Chinese characters with many strokes can seem complex and challenging to recognize. However, because of the toughness of Chinese characters, the ability to recognise Chinese characters should not be delayed, and a solid foundation in your child needs to be built as a priority. With that, Chinese books with the companion of Hanyu Pinyin are recommended to be read by new learners to learn Chinese better. From there, your child can pick up new phrases and vocabulary when reading a book. As they expose more to Chinese, they will learn to enjoy the pleasures of reading Chinese, eventually searching for books that suit their preferences, then learn words much faster as they willingly dive into Chinese knowledge. In addition, habitual reading can positively influence your child’s pronunciation, since they learn the exact pinyin while reading books. This significantly boosts their speaking skills.
Moreover, your child will be able to learn the correct sentence structure in Chinese when they explore and read books. The sentence structure in Chinese is quite different from English; it sounds or reads strangely if one tries to write or speak Chinese according to the English structure. Therefore, by mastering the correct sentence structure, students can learn Chinese better and score better in both Chinese comprehension and oral tests.
2. Practice Chinese speaking at home
Creating a Chinese-speaking environment at home for your child helps to learn Chinese better. This is because Chinese-speaking environment helps to assimilate Chinese into daily life, indirectly making it your child’s natural capability to speak Chinese. This exposes them to an environment that could hone their skills in speaking Chinese and allows them to think naturally about their words and minds in Chinese. Most students in Singapore struggle with their Chinese, which they tend to think in English and translate into Chinese afterwards. However, these efforts are not very effective when it comes to formal Chinese communication, such as oral examination. This is due to the difference between the English and Chinese sentence structures, giving rise to multiple grammatical and syntax errors. Speaking Chinese consistently would train your child to get accustomed to speaking and thinking in Chinese naturally, enabling them to learn Chinese better.
Creating a fully Chinese-speaking environment would be difficult for you as parents in Singapore, since you might not have excellent proficiency in Chinese either. Therefore, parents are encouraged to start with an easy one by picking up the basics and helping the child pick up the language, helping them learn Chinese better.
3. Attend Chinese tuition class
Sending your child to a Chinese tuition class would largely expose them to a better Chinese-speaking environment. A excellent Chinese tutor can help to build a Chinese language foundation effectively and pass useful exam answering techniques to the students. For example, Le Xue Education, which is one of the top Chinese tuition centres in Singapore, provides joyful learning to help students learn Chinese 5x faster. In addition, tutors from Le Xue are experienced, and some are ex-MOE Chinese teachers; this is a bonus for students to learn Chinese better since they have adequate knowledge of Chinese! A good Chinese tuition class would also let the students to attempt more exercise and practice so that they can learn from their mistakes. Le Xue Education provides students with effective learning materials and a conducive environment to consolidate their Chinese language knowledge. 3R method from Le Xue Education is a fun learning process in which students can recognize, remember and read Chinese characters effectively!
In conclusion, adopting interesting methods can instil passion in Chinese effectively, making the Chinese look no bored, and seem attractive to students to continue to learn Chinese. Students can develop good Chinese knowledge by investing in efforts to learn Chinese better in Singapore. Parents play a role in nurturing your’s child to fall in love with Chinese by providing what they need, such as tuition classes, and always giving them spiritual support by accompanying them to learn Chinese at home.
Le Xue Education is a professional Chinese education centre in Singapore that specialises in providing a Chinese Enrichment Programme for young children and aiding students to score well in Singapore examinations through Chinese Tuition Classes. Do you wish you or your children could learn Chinese better and joyfully? Contact us now to know more about our programmes!

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