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How to Strengthen Preschool Students' Chinese Language

In Singapore, the most spoken language is English. The rising trends of Chinese as one of the world-wide spoken languages or the wants of parents to inherit Chinese knowledge from their ancestors make learning Chinese gradually opting in Singapore. The golden period for Chinese character recognition is from 3-7 years old, hence parents should grab the chance to start early and help the child to build a solid foundation in the Chinese language. If you are a Singapore parent who wishes to strengthen the Chinese of your child who is a preschooler, this article is most suitable for you!
1. Encourage them to converse in Chinese
Parents are role models for their kids; parents’ behaviour will be observed and imitated by their children. With that, parents can be the ones who take the first move to learn and speak Chinese; parents can begin with simple Chinese conversation. For instance, parents may ask children simple daily-life related questions in Chinese, and give them opportunities to describe the matters and objects they like as they will be more motivated to engage in topics are relevant to them. If the children do not know how to respond, parents can give them hints and guide the children to learn slowly. Having Chinese conversations in daily life helps your child to adapt to thinking in the Chinese language and eventually master the language. Even if you are a parent who is not proficient in Chinese, do not feel shy about learning Chinese; your child might be curious and be attracted to learning Chinese together with you!

2. Learn Chinese visually
Visual-type learning, such as cartoons, can effectively strengthen the Chinese of your child in Singapore. Amazingly, kids can learn new Chinese vocabulary when watching cartoons; this is because your kids will be attracted to the movement and conversation in the cartoon to know more about what is happening. From there, your kid can pick up more Chinese knowledge and pronounce Chinese words more accurately. It is recommended to choose bilingual cartoons in Chinese and English; your child can learn new Chinese characters by referring to English subtitles. Moreover, a cartoon holds the attention and interest of your kids while helping them think creatively and reflect critically. This allows students to stimulate their thinking skills, which would facilitate them to score in future examinations such as comprehension and composition writing. Unlimited yet creative ideas support them!

3. Enrol in the Chinese Enrichment Class
Sparking the child’s interest to learn is essential in strengthening their Chinese language. Their interest and enthusiasm for the language ensure that they develop a vivid memory of what they are taught. Therefore, fun and engaging syllabus learning is more suitable for young kids such as preschoolers in Singapore, so that they will enjoy the learning process and stay passionate in learning. Le Xue Education in Singapore realized the significance of joyful learning and decided to curate their own Chinese Enrichment Class that provides fun and interesting learning! Le Xue introduced a 3R method that helps to recognize, remember and read up to 1200-1500 Chinese characters independently and effectively. What is more impressive is that your kids can learn Chinese 5 times faster, which is a fantastic speed and achievement! This extrordinary track record is feasible because of the special curated activities for the young child, such as songs, flashcards and word games; fun and creative-based learning can keep them engaged in learning Chinese. Apart from that, getting your child enrolled in a Chinese enrichment class ensures that your child learns and applies Chinese knowledge more effectively, because experienced tutors are always there to provide professional guidance!

4. Set up reading corner
At home, parents may set up a reading corner that furnishes children with some Chinese reading materials to strengthen the Chinese language of a preschooler in Singapore. Chinese picture books are a great starting point for preschoolers who are in the early stages of developing their reading skills. Picture books often have colourful illustrations and simple storyline that a preschooler can easily appreciate. The imagery brings foreign texts and pages to life, encouraging the preschooler to keep reading and learning. Once the child is familiar with the basic Chinese characters, parents can consider getting storybooks or comics, leveraging these tools to build their vocabulary, fluency, and other foundational Chinese literacy skills.

In conclusion, the key to providing a smooth Chinese learning for preschoolers in Singapore is to ensure that they have a solid foundation in Chinese. The effort of building solid foundations in Chinese is inevitable if you wish for your child to be a bilingual scholar. They are malleable in this golden age, so grab the chance to practise these tips to strengthen the Chinese language of your child in Singapore! If you’re a parent looking for reliable Chinese Enrichment Programme for your child in preschool, Le Xue Education is one such professional Chinese tuition centre that specialises in providing a fun and engaging Chinese Enrichment Programme for young children in Singapore. Throughout the years, we have helped many students to score well in Singapore examinations through Chinese Tuition Classes, hence we leverage that experience to help young children build a strong foundation. If you believe in joyful learning like us, contact us to know more about our Chinese learning programmes!

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