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How to Improve Your Children's Oral Chinese Speaking Ability in Singapore?

Oral communication is an important life skill that can be maintained and practised even beyond basic school assessment. Being able to talk clearly and eloquently can help you get ahead in life and being a Singaporean, fluency in Chinese speaking is very important! And since the Singaporean government changed the format of the PSLE Chinese oral examinations in 2017, it may have caused troubles for a lot of students to master the language for their exams. So how do you improve your child’s oral Chinese speaking ability so that they can also ace their mother tongue subject easily?

Speak to your child in Chinese at home

One of the easiest ways to improve their fluency is by speaking in Chinese at home. You can try to refrain from saying incomplete sentences or sentences using English words. Try to speak to them and ask for answers in Chinese, in order for them to learn more easily and simply out of habit! This will help kids become more familiar with the language at a younger age. The acquisition of vocabulary and the development of language abilities will be substantially accelerated if your child becomes more familiar with the Chinese language.

Watch Chinese television programmes or listen to the radio

Given the current generation, young kids like to spend time watching television. In that time, you can always encourage them to watch Chinese television programs or you may switch to news in Chinese so that your young ones easily pick up words from it. Alternately, you may listen to Chinese radio stations like YES 93.3FM or Capital 95.8FM on the way home with your child. This passive exposure to Chinese media will also help your child feel more at ease with the language by making them feel like it is a part of their everyday lives.

Read Chinese storybooks to your child

It is easier for young children to easily learn and remember words from stories. When you read stories to them or even read news articles out loud, you can always choose the ones in Chinese. You may even encourage that your child insteads read you a Chinese story, and then lead a discussion with them by asking questions in Chinese! This way you are encouraging your youngster to think, listen and speak in Chinese, which all helps them internalise the language.

Attending Chinese community events

Celebrating Chinese festivals with family, and friends and even attending community events gives your child a lot of exposure to Chinese culture. This inevitably comes with a lot of Chinese conversations and having to involve in them. Children who are sufficiently exposed to Chinese culture will naturally become more aware of the language’s nuances, which will aid their development of Chinese oral and listening abilities.

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