nHow To Improve Singapore O-Level Higher Chinese-

How To Improve Singapore O-Level Higher Chinese

O-level Higher Chinese ensures Singapore’s students master the intricacies of the Chinese language better in Singapore. If you have gone through PSLE Chinese, then O-Level Higher Chinese is its continuance, helping students to have more in-depth Chinese Language. Due to O-Level Higher Chinese being an important subject, many parents would worry about the language performance of their child in terms of what is covered in the examination, such as essay writing, comprehension, oral communication and listening comprehension. If you are a parent or student struggling with O-Level Higher Chinese in Singapore, keep reading to find ways to improve O-Level Higher Chinese.
1. Practice seriously
There is no better time than now to start preparing for the O-Level Higher Chinese in Singapore, and students should do revisions before the examination is around the corner. Students may attempt some past year writing papers to learn to outline their ideas effectively and learn better writing skills by referring to model answers. In addition, students may learn different vocabulary that can fit into various compositions, making their writing sound more impressive and attractive. Other than diving into the knowledge, it is recommended that students read more and pay attention to current global affairs to better support logical composition writing.
Besides, students should never feel shy about speaking in Chinese. Instead, students are encouraged to practise speaking regularly as it helps improve the oral component of O-Level Higher Chinese. When they be courageous and speak Chinese frequently, they can learn from their mistakes and improve their Chinese pronunciation. If there is no one around to converse with in Chinese, students can also have more speaking practice by searching for popular topics on the Internet, and then attempt to talk about them in Chinese. This would strengthen students’ ability to think in Chinese speedily and perform well in oral test.
2. Making Notes
Making notes help to improve O-Level Higher Chinese of Singaporean students effectively. Generally, school teachers will provide many reading materials for students to score in O-Level Higher Chinese. However, those materials are usually in a huge pile, and it would be daunting for students to read them through and organize them. In this situation, students should organize the information so that revision can be an effortless process. To do that, students may listen to the key information teachers highlighted in the class and even simplify it with their own words if it is challenging to understand. This is because a note done in students’ own way is more effective since students can understand what they have written about and grip the meaning quickly during the revisions.
3. Conduct Mock Test
Once students think they are well-prepared for O-Level Higher Chinese in Singapore, they can conduct a mock test on their own to test their readiness. Students must attempt to apply their knowledge in mock exams to see how well they are prepared for the exam. Excellent question-answering skills in the mock test show students are well-prepared; oppositely, if poor answers are given in mock test, students need to put in more effort to improve. Last but not least, students need to set the timing the same as the examination duration when the mock test is carried out. This makes students always alert on time remaining in the examination and divides their time correctly to answer all questions, ensuring that they can complete their answers within a limited timeframe.
O-Level Higher Chinese in Singapore can be challenging, but it is always easy to score if students have put in the effort to study and mastered the proper answering methods. Practising these good habits would help to improve O-Level Higher Chinese among Singaporean students. If outstanding results are what you are aiming for, you should definitely engage experienced Chinese tutors who can help students further enhance their Chinese knowledge. Not sure where to find ex-MOE tutors with good track record? Check out Le Xue Education, a professional Chinese education centre in Singapore, that nurtures students to reach their fullest potential within a pure Chinese cultured learning environment. We believe that mastering the intricacies of the Chinese language enables students to become a bilingual scholar. Our Chinese tuition class is never dull and always engaging!
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