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How To Excel in Chinese Comprehension in Singapore Exam

Chinese comprehension tests Singapore students’ vocabulary and passage understandability, and it is often the most brain-consuming paper. Some students do not excel in Chinese comprehension because the paper involves long, tedious passages with many Chinese characters, both known and unknown. This makes students feel daunted and lost in tackling Chinese comprehension. Check out the practices recommended by ex-MOE Chinese teachers – follow them and your child can excel in Chinese Comprehension. Practice makes perfect!
1. Practice More on Reading the Comprehension
Chinese comprehension usually consists of long passages, exhausting the patience of Singapore students. They lose patience in continuing to read the passages, especially passages full of strange vocabulary, making them even tougher to understand. And a common reaction from students is giving up reading and using common sense in answering comprehension questions. This attitude should be avoided. Instead, students must read through the passages thoroughly and carefully; going through them for a second time is highly encouraged. The intention is to ensure that students clearly know what they have read through and confirm that their understanding is the same as the passages.
When the students are practising reading comprehension passage, it is also a good chance for them to strengthen their vocabularly. They are encouraged to mark unfamiliar Chinese characters and check the dictionary for accurate meaning and usage examples, especially for Primary 1-5 students. Over time, they will learn more and more new characters and phrases, helping them to excel in Chinese comprehension in the future. To make learning more effective, the student can make use of root recognition to recognise the Chinese vocabulary, remember them through mnemonic play, and read the Chinese characters using character-linked reading. This is known as the 3R method developed by Le Xue Education.
2. Find the Answers
Students need to understand the questions clearly to excel in Chinese Comprehension in Singapore. This prevents students from misunderstanding the questions and plucking the wrong information from the passages into the answer. Searching for the correct answers in long yet draining passages sounds complicated, but it is extremely easy for a direct question. Students just need to identify the keywords in the questions and note whether that word appears in the passages. While indirect questions that often ask about opinions would be a little more complicated than a direct one in which students need to understand the context, only then can they know the true meaning behind the comprehension passage. In this situation, try to decipher the context by going through it a few times and linking all the information gathered to discover the embedded implicit information. Students must read through the passage repeatedly, patiently and carefully to excel in Chinese Comprehension in Singapore.
3. Read More Chinese Materials
Vocabulary skills are essential to excel in Chinese Comprehension in Singapore. There are many Chinese reading materials in Singapore, including newspapers, magazines, and novels to essays. Students can benefit from reading these Chinese materials and gaining exposure to higher-level material that is relatively new to them. To acquire new vocabulary, students may get a handy dictionary to look it up when encountering a new word. As a result, students can pick up more vocabulary while reading. Mastering rich vocabulary helps students to understand the context of the comprehension passages more effectively without great use of time. In addition, more excellent vocabulary knowledge would have enabled students to answer comprehension questions better; they can rephrase the sentences from the passages without lifting them 100% identically. Imitating the sentences from the passages might lead students to get punishment for losing marks. Hence, being an independent reader that reads Chinese materials
In conclusion, mastering these practices would help students to improve and excel in Chinese comprehension, ensuring students score well on Chinese papers in Singapore with ease. Marks scoring in Chinese comprehension paper or Paper 2 would make up for what students have missed in Paper 1, determining the score of the Chinese paper in Singapore. Therefore, excelling in Chinese comprehension is crucial for students in Singapore. If you are a student or parent in Singapore, trust Le Xue Education to provide you or your child with knowledge to excel in Chinese comprehension in Singapore! Le Xue Education provides joyful learning that helps your child to master the intricacies of the Chinese language and enables the children to become bilingual scholars.
Le Xue Education is a professional Chinese education centre in Singapore that specialises in providing a Chinese Enrichment Programme for young children and aiding students to score well in Singapore examinations. In addition, we provide effective learning methods, known as 3R methods, that help you to master Chinese more effectively and faster.

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