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How Reading Can Help Your Children in Learning Chinese

With new online resources, mobile applications and videos for learning the mother tongue language, the value of reading may have gotten lost somewhere! While the advances in learning resources are great, only a reading enthusiast would know what we are talking about here. If you’re not sure, let us guide you through the several advantages of reading habits, in helping your child to learn the Chinese language.

Reading brings joy!

A lot of history is said to be passed on by stories. Reading is said to stimulate your brain and create connections. According to fMRI scanning, which measures brain activity, the parts of your brain that are active while you are immersed in a tale are the same parts of your brain that would be active if you were actually living the story. Thus, reading stories actually gives you the same kind of joy!

Helps in visualising

When your children are trying to memorize all the Chinese characters, it may feel like a task to them, that is hard to achieve. However, developing a habit of reading, perhaps Chinese story books, newspaper articles, comics etc helps them to visualise the scenario and hence grasp the gist faster! If they are a beginner and only know few Chinese words and characters, you may even help them read and watch how much easier it will get compared to memorizing notes. This can assist you in learning Chinese by enabling you to comprehend how words are actually used rather than just their English equivalents.

Improves vocabulary

Reading in Chinese will expand your child’s vocabulary. For instance, in a story, a lot of synonyms of a word are used to better define the situation rather than the simple words we use in conversation. People simply don’t give their words as much attention in casual conversation as they do in writing. When you see words used in writing, you begin to understand their subtle meanings. Hence, the more you read, the more new Chinese words you come across to add to your vocab list.
Improves writing skills
Reading widely can help you write Chinese more fluently. A lot of writing skills develop via reading other people’s work. Same goes for the mother tongue language, the more you read in Chinese, the more knowledge you gain on how to write like an expert. It not only enhances your array of words, but also teaches you good grammar, punctuation, sentence construction and much more. For example, if you wish to learn how to write a letter in Chinese, read more samples of Chinese letters.
Reading a lot in Chinese becomes enjoyable in and of itself, apart from helping you to advance in your Chinese language goals. To put it another way, learning to read Chinese can open up a whole new world of fun for you. At Le Xue Education centre, we ensure to promote enough reading, writing and interactive lessons to help your child in their Chinese learning journey. Our students start reading Chinese storybooks and newspapers independently after a few months of lessons – isn’t that impressive? Contact us to learn more about our free trial lessons and programmes tailored for 3-16 years old!

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