nFun ways to prepare your child for kindergarten in Singapore

Fun ways to prepare your child for kindergarten in Singapore

New class, new friends, and new things to learn! There sure are a lot of things to look forward to in kindergarten in Singaporean schools. However, kids that age are more sensitive and need a lot of care and convincing. While some are really excited to move to kindergarten, others may need a slight ‘push’. So is your child prepared to go to kindergarten? Even if they’re not, let us tell you about some fun ways to prepare your child for kindergarten in Singapore.
It’s normal for your child to be nervous about leaving home and establishing new acquaintances. First-day jitters are quite common. However, as a parent or caregiver, you can play a vital role in easing it out for them. You may start by showing support and letting them know that it is okay to be nervous or even to make mistakes in the first days of kindergarten. You may casually tell them during their playtime or meal time when the whole family is around. If you’ve already done that, you’re already a step ahead. Good job! This relieves your younglings from a lot of anxiety and hesitancy about going to school.
Next, you can start preparing them by teaching them basic school manners. Now, this does not have to sound too strict. You can start this even by practicing manners at home so that it does not feel like a task for them. For example, you can teach them about getting dressed, raising hand for help, sharing items with the rest of the family members etc. Talking about tidiness and eating habits also fall into this category. Such things can be taught in the form of reading books to them, playing quiz games where they are given to choose or even asking them to observe while you do any household chore. It’s quite simple, isn’t it?
Onto the more difficult part, which is teaching them to write and pronounce the basic alphabets, their name, birthday, identify colors, objects etc. It is also wise to teach them to count to 10. This can be a recap study of what they learned at the pre-kindergarten level. It helps build up confidence in them in order to start going to school. This can be made a fun activity by the use of picture books and asking them to identify the items. You could also make use of kids’ videos and television channels as well, as they are more likely to be interested in that.
Teamwork is also an essential habit to learn before moving to kindergarten and consecutive classes. You can ensure that by engaging your kids in team sports regularly, arts and crafts, treasure hunts or other fun activities of that kind. Although day care facilities will normally arrange such activities, you can also choose to organize some at home by involving your family members.
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