Frequently Asked Questions

Most preschools’ Chinese syllabus in Singapore didn’t utilize the golden period of 3-7 years old for Chinese character recognition. Their syllabus is dull and lacks proper method in introducing the Chinese language.

We realised this issue and decided to curate our own Chinese Enrichment Class in Singapore — 3R Independent Reader Program. Through our proprietary 3R learning method, our students will learn how to recognise, remember and read Chinese characters in a fun and meaningful way. It is refined by adding in some local ‘flavours’, such as the Merlion, orchid flower and HDB flats, words and phrases Singaporeans are familiar with and pair them up with pictures and videos. As a result, they learn Chinese up to 5 times faster through creative activities and become an independent reader.

Furthermore, we also organise various short-term Chinese Enrichment Class during school holidays in Singapore. Read parents’ testimonials here.

Our tutors have helped over 1000 students from Singapore schools such as Nanyang Primary, Catholic High, Aitong, ACSI and CHIJ Primary build a strong foundation & interest in the Chinese language. After attending our Chinese tuition, your child will start LOVING Chinese, and become intensely-motivated to do better and better. Many years down the road, you won’t even need to worry about his/her PSLE Chinese exam preparation.

There are 4 types of Chinese tuition that we offer to Primary school students in Singapore:

  1. 3R Independent Reader Program

    Through our proprietary 3R learning method, our students will learn how to recognise, remember and read Chinese characters in a fun and meaningful way. They will learn Chinese up to 5 times faster through creative activities and become an independent reader!

  2. 3R Joyful Learning Program

    Align with the Singapore MOE Chinese syllabus, this program helps students in Singapore step-by-step to get consistent results for their Chinese exams. They will be able to secure easy marks first and start to build more confidence in aiming for AL1 in the Chinese examination.

  3. Composition, Oral & Comprehension Class (COC)

    Through the COC technique, our students will learn how to tackle the challenging PSLE Chinese composition and comprehension in a creative way. They will be equipped with the critical skills to score well in the PSLE Chinese examination in Singapore.

  4. Le Xue ‘4-in-1’ Class (Combination of 3R Joyful and COC Programs)

    This class enables our students to grasp the Chinese vocabulary ahead of their peers. Our students will learn everything they need to master the Chinese paper components, from comprehension, composition, listening to oral.

Our Chinese enrichment classes are tailored for preschool and primary students in Singapore who are looking to explore the mystery of Chinese as well as build a strong foundation in the Chinese Language. It’s extremely efficient and practical for young children who grew up in English-speaking environment in Singapore.

The Chinese enrichment class in Le Xue builds a strong foundation in Chinese language for students in Singapore, nurtures a strong interest in Chinese Language and its culture as well as equips students with the skills and knowledge needed.

We employ an innovative 3R learning method in the class that enables your child in Singapore to recognise, remember & read 1200-1500 Chinese characters independently. During our Chinese enrichment class, your child will also learn in a joyful learning environment. We wish to cultivate their interest in the Chinese language while mastering the Chinese skills at the same time.

Our PSLE Chinese Tuition is designed for kids in Primary 6 who want to do well on the Singapore PSLE Chinese exam in 2023. If your child is in Primary 1-5, we have a different curriculum for them – click here to learn more.

The PSLE Chinese tuition in Le Xue equips students in Singapore with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the PSLE Chinese examination in Singapore. The classes will cover:

  • Discover Composition & Comprehension & oral PSLE topics from 2014-2021 and how you can improve easily and quickly
  • Series study (E.g. Bad Habit Series, Honesty Series, and etc.)
  • Theme related vocabulary building, model composition appreciation words – idioms-sayings by using Le Xue’s unique 3R Method
  • Essay writing with reference to the vocabulary and model sentence list
  • Revision of the Series Composition, Comprehension & Oral by Topic/Theme

Yes! Our founder, Ms Vivien Le who has more than 20 years of experience in teaching Chinese, has developed a 3R Independent Reader Method. This method is to help every student in Singapore to master the Chinese language and achieve 2 grades higher in 6 months even if they don’t speak Chinese at home!

Le Xue Chinese enrichment class is experienced in assisting students in Singapore to build a strong foundation in Chinese as well as become independent readers. After attending Le Xue Chinese classes, they will start to read Chinese storybooks and newspapers with enthusiasm. You will be shocked by your child’s transformation. Sign up now to see the results!

Many of our students in Singapore have never taken a small group enrichment class/ PSLE Chinese tuition before. They are shy at first, but after a few weeks, they warm up as our Chinese tutors are experienced at enthusing kids and managing classroom dynamics. Rest assured that your youngster will love and enjoy our Chinese enrichment class/PSLE Chinese tuition.

Starting from 2022, we’re also offering Chinese tuition classes with small group size of only 2-4 students. The classes are open to all age groups and levels, including PSLE and O Level.

Yes. We will provide holiday programmes for the students during the school holidays in Singapore. Our holiday programmes will include intensive revision or Chinese enrichment lessons to assist students in catching up on work from the previous class or preparing for the upcoming syllabus.

For example, we’ve held some holiday Chinese enrichment classes for students from K1 to sec 4 to master and fall in love with the Chinese language!

We also held PSLE Chinese workshops with several exam strategies to equip Singapore P6 students with PSLE Chinese exam planning and preparation, assisting them to achieve AL1 in their PSLE Chinese exam.

Yes, we offer free trial classes for every student in Singapore to experience our playful learning environment! Redeem your free trial Chinese enrichment class/PSLE Chinese tuition now by following our Facebook and Instagram!

To provide the most appropriate Chinese learning environment in Singapore, we do provide free Chinese assessments to identify the learning style of your child and his/her Chinese level of proficiency! Redeem the free Chinese assessment and trial lesson for Chinese enrichment class/PSLE Chinese tuition now!

Your child will enroll in a regular Chinese enrichment class/PSLE Chinese tuition to experience how an engagement class is performed. After the trial, there is a 15-20-minute consultation with the parents.

We will be closed on all public holidays and there will be no Chinese enrichment classes and PSLE Chinese tuitions.

Our Chinese tutors are very familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of every student in small groups of Chinese enrichment classes/PSLE Chinese tuitions. We will keep the parents informed of their children’s progress frequently.

To nurture the responsibility in your children in Singapore, parents should lead and aid them in creating a study plan. You may also communicate in Chinese with your children and encourage them to speak Chinese confidently. Furthermore, you can buy some Chinese books or newspapers for your children as our students often develop an interest in reading after our Chinese enrichment classes! Most importantly, you can attend our FREE parents’ workshop to learn more exam strategies and answer techniques for PSLE & O-Level Chinese exam in Singapore.