Free Trial Class for 3R Independent Reader Programme

  • All Year Round
  • 12 - 9 pm
  • Queens | Bishan | Kovan | Parway C'

Our 3R Method’s term is ongoing, all of our students have shown outstanding improvement in this course – some of the students hardly understood Chinese before, but after the first term, they now have a deep interest in the subject. This course has helped many of our students to show great improvement.

We are opening a Free Trial Class for our new customers! This is to allow interested students to trial the class and experience the method first-hand for themselves. Not only that, we will also be Offering a 5% Discount for all new sign-ups for the 3R Independent Reader program on that day!

Chinese Joyful Learning and COC Mastery Workshop

  • June
  • 16:30-18:30
  • Kovan Branch

We are conducting a 2 hours free workshop for B & A parents and students that covers the following:

– Why scoring A* for Chinese gives your child an stronger edge than securing the same grades for English, Math and Science (with a statistical breakdown of what really goes on behind the PSLE marking scene)

– The COMPLETE 3-Part strategy to scoring A*, and how weaker students are actually using the incomplete strategy instead (Hint: It’s not just about how you study, but also about how you ANSWER and ANALYSE!)

– Learn my 5-cycle method to teach Chinese week by week that not only combines and covers all themes comprehensively, but also ensures that the lessons learnt stick to them during the exams and is applicable across Composition, Oral and Comprehension!

Learn how 100% of our students scored A & A* for PSLE last year!

June Holiday Program

  • June
  • 9am-17pm
  • Bishan Branch; Kovan Branch

Looking for the best way for your child to catch up in the Chinese subject over the school holidays?

1. If your child has weak foundations, can barely read or speak Chinese, or is constantly failing and scoring D AND BELOW,

2. If your child is scoring C but can’t seem to improve to a B,

3. If your child is scoring B but can’t seem to improve to an A*,

Here at Le Xue, we use a 5-cycle teaching process to achieve even more results while spending a fraction of the time and effort.

We sincerely hope can help your children in this June holiday.

Open House at Bishan Branch

  • 11/04/2018
  • 16:30-18:30
  • Bishan Branch

Welcome all our valuable customer to join us at our new Branch Open House! We will share tips and skills about learning Chinese Better! Learning to learn better with Le Xue Education! Your child will love Chinese!

Le Xue February Free Trial Class

  • February
  • 9:00-21:00
  • All Branches

We are opening on Free Trial Class in this February at all our branches. This is to allow interested students to trial the class and experience the method first-hand for themselves. Not only that, we will also be Offering a 5% Discount for all new sign-ups for all of our program.

Le Xue Chinese Cultural Holiday Camp

  • November
  • 12:00-18:00
  • Bishan Branch

We highly recommend that students attend this Chinese culture camp to instill in them a passion and appreciation for the Chinese language.

The activities that will be carried out during the camp include paper-cutting, making dumplings, painting facial patterns, tying Chinese knots, Chinese classic storytelling, Chinese traditional games and cooking Chinese food. These activities will also nurture your child’s interest in the Chinese language, allowing them to have a passion to study it in more depth.

Le Xue November Holiday Program

  • November
  • 9:00 - 21:00
  • All Branches

The special revision programmes we have in place for students during this November-December Holidays, so as to better prepare your child for their upcoming end of the year examinations.

Please take note that limited seats are available, so we will be adopting a First Come First Serve policy.

Grand Opening Le Xue Kovan Branch

  • 22/10/2017
  • 09:30-18:30
  • Kovan Branch

Grand Opening Le Xue Kovan Branch

203 Hougang Street 21 #01-51 S530203

9:30-11:00,  New parents & students (Workshop & Free trial lesson).

11:00-12:30, Free buffet lunch. 

12:30-14:00, Consultation for current & waiting list students.

One to one consulting by appointment only.