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Common Reasons Why Students Lose Marks in Chinese Papers in Singapore

In Singapore, it is a parent’s wish that their children can score well in the examination. However, it is challenging to be the top student, especially for Chinese papers. Most students claim that it requires a great effort to score Chinese papers, and as a parent, you might be curious about why Chinese papers are difficult. Let’s discover more about the common reasons why students lose marks in Chinese papers.
1. Lack of Understanding
Some Chinese characters have mulitple meanings, and some characters that look similar, leading to the students’ confusion in differentiating them. If students cannot understand the characters, it will lead to a poor understanding of the questions or the passages, lowering the chance of students in answering the questions accurately. This will crumble the students since they are not sure how to answer. As a result, they will skimp in answering or just leave it blank. Moreover, a Chinese passage not only consists of explicit information, but the passage sometimes also embedded some implicit information that is awaiting students to be sussed, combined with their own inference. Without fully understanding each character in the passage, it would be very difficult for students to answer the questions accurately. This is an example of how weak basic foundations in Chinese may snowball into a more significant issue for the students, causing them to lose marks in Chinese papers.
2. Over-Generalizing in Answering the Question
Over-generalizing in answering the questions contributed to why students lose marks in Chinese papers in Singapore. It is best to answer all questions in detail and as precisely as possible so examiners can understand what your child is trying to express. An over-generalizing answer prevents them from scoring well in Chinese papers as they need to clarify or elaborate their thoughts thoroughly to support written answers. This is because the examiners might not see the strong correlation between the questions asked and an over-generalizing answer, therefore, examiners are not fully persuaded. Consequently, a lower mark is awarded to the paper. A well-elaborated answer enables the examiners to understand the issues of the questions and is followed by proper explanations, not on the surface level only. As a result, examiners can understand written answers thoroughly, which helps students to score well.
3. Improper Time Management
Improper time management, which leads to the issue of running out of time to answer the papers, is also a factor that causes students to lose marks in Chinese papers. Proper time management would ensure students are able to answer the paper within the limited given time without spending too much time solving only one particular question. Sometimes, students spend a longer time answering the paper when they have no idea about the topic being tested without realizing time is getting less, and end up failing to answer all questions. To ensure sufficient time for answering, students should check on the number of questions and identify the difficulty level of the questions, followed by assigning time spent on each question. When students encounter uncertainty in answering questions, they should not to spend too much time struggling with them, instead move on to other questions and get back to that particular question afterwards. Always bear in mind to keep an eye on the clock to check if it’s behind schedule and that students need to spend the remaining time well answering the paper.

4. Insufficient Practice
Sometimes, insufficient practice is practised before the examination, which is one of the reasons of lose marks in Chinese papers. Extra practice or knowledge helps strengthen Chinese subject comprehension and equip students with the ability to answer well in Chinese papers. Attending to the Chinese enrichment class or tuition class would be an effective way of ensuring your child receives more exercise than what is taught in school. Enrichment class provides students with learning materials with keynotes and delivers skills to score well in Chinese papers. Chinese enrichment classes in Singapore, such as Le Xue Education are recommended. Le Xue Education has formulated its 3R learning methods that deliver Chinese learning in a fun way that makes the learning process much more effective. This guarantees the essence of Chinese knowledge is absorbed by students and doing their best based on the knowledge taught in Chinese papers.
These factors are the common reasons why the students lost marks in Chinese paper. To score well in the examinations, students just need to avoid these mistakes and naturally, the likelihood of losing marks in Chinese papers will be greatly reduced. These mistakes can also be avoided if the students have a solid foundation in the Chinese language and are passionate in learning Chinese. One way to build strong foundation and encourage passion for Chinese language is for students to join tuition classes that allows joyful learning, and Le Xue Education is a renowned tuition centre in Singapore that believes in that! A good Chinese tutor will guide the students in mastering answering techniques, assisting the students in both avoiding common mistakes and scoring more marks in examinations. At Le Xue Education, our ex-MOE tutors are experienced in guiding the students using our unique 3R Method, improving our students’ grades and building a strong interest in Chinese effectively.
Le Xue Education is a professional Chinese education centre in Singapore that specialises in providing a Chinese Enrichment Programme for young children and aiding students to score well in Singapore examinations through Chinese Tuition Classes. Do you wish you or your children could learn Chinese faster in a fun environment? Contact us now to know more about our programmes!

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