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How to Create an Effective Study Schedule for Your Child?

Embarking on the journey of exam preparation can often feel overwhelming, but with a well-crafted study plan, students can navigate through the challenges and achieve their academic goals with confidence. At Le Xue Education, we understand the importance of effective study strategies in Singapore’s competitive educational landscape. In this blog post, we’ll outline a comprehensive study plan designed to help students excel in their exams.


In Singapore’s education landscape, excelling in the Chinese oral exam is a key component for overall language proficiency. Navigating from characters to engaging conversations requires strategic preparation and confidence-building techniques. Here’s your comprehensive guide to ensure success in the Chinese oral examination.

It’s not difficult for many parents to teach their kids their ABCs and 123s, but what about Chinese characters and Chinese words?

As parents in Singapore, we genuinely care about our kids and want the best for them in school and in life. This typically involves searching for the best Chinese teaching methods online, buying practice materials like activity books, or enrolling them in tutoring for subjects they struggle with.

You might find a solution by enrolling your children in a Chinese enrichment class in Singapore. However, it can be difficult for parents to remain calm about their children acquiring a second language, especially if that language is not frequently used at home. Therefore, entrusting your child to a Chinese tutor who understands how to make kids love Chinese is a fantastic place to start.