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Are online Chinese tuitions in Singapore as effective?

Almost two years into the world pandemic, some schools are still conducting classes online while some are resuming face to face classes in Singapore. While it seemed like a difficult hurdle first, soon teaching institutes have gotten used to conducting virtual lessons, exams and even correction of papers. Remote learning has made life much easier during the Covid-19 pandemic and connected people while they were socially distanced! However the concern still remains valid, if online tuitions, especially for critical subjects like Chinese that requires a lot of practise, are as effective compared to face to face lessons like before. Hence, let us take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of online Chinese tuitions in Singapore.

Advantages of online Chinese tuitions in Singapore

It can be very challenging to send primary school or younger kids to tuitions, especially a language class that they are not familiar with, so online learning has an advantage in that case. It is easier for such young kids to quickly get used to technology and gasp the lesson at such an age. Moreover, the teacher may stimulate learning by using entertaining, digital tools, and the interactiveness is unique and fascinating. It is also easier to share visual aids like videos and images during online classes. Most schools are also recording the lectures and uploading them online so that students can revisit them and listen to lessons that they lag in. Remote lessons can truly be a blessing for slow learners too isn’t it?
Furthermore, some students prefer to communicate with their iPads or laptops rather than face to face with the teacher. Many students who previously lacked confidence in their ability to communicate in Chinese seemed to become more outspoken and active after switching to online lessons. As a result, the effectiveness of Chinese absorption and rapid progress in speaking and phrase construction between online and physical classes are comparable for some Singaporean kids.

Disadvantages of online Chinese tuitions in Singapore

Everything has its downside as well! Despite all the benefits above, we have also identified some cons through our teaching experience during the almost 2-year pandemic in Singapore.
Online tuition can also mean that more students can choose to skip classes. It is also easy for young kids to get distracted by other things online, during tuition classes. For most parents, keeping an eye on their children during online tuition can be a massive hurdle. At the same time, students tend to share the answers during practice or revision sessions that are meant to be completed individually for better judgement of the students’ preparation. Some parents have also felt that online learning is less effective for their children and they would want them to go back to physical learning in tuition centre and school.
Face-to-face, or physical, tuition has seemed to be more engaging for some students. It is also easier for teachers to observe each student’s performances and hence control the tuition class overall. Most students have also seemed to miss the feeling of going to face to face tuitions, meeting and learning in a class where they could sit with their friends.
In summary, online Chinese tuitions for Singaporeans, have shown both advantages and disadvantages. It can be a blessing in this time of pandemic so that students do not miss out on their studies. Nonetheless, realistically speaking, many parents have shared with our tutors that they prefer physical Chinese tuition due to distraction issues and concern about Chinese learning journey. In Singapore, most families speak English at home and kindergarten. Hence, to allow children to build a strong foundation in Chinese language, it’s best to give them the opportunity to learn, revise and improve the language in a full Chinese environment.
Le Xue Education is always flexible to acclimatise with the change in the world situation. We have arranged full online lessons during COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period. As Singapore moves into transition phase to COVID-19 resilience, we are currently offering both online and physical Chinese tuition. If you’re looking for Primary School Chinese Tuition (including PSLE), Secondary School Chinese Tuition (including O Level) or Chinese Enrichment Programme for Preschool, contact us to know more – our tutors are happy to make recommendations according to your child’s proficiency and learning style!

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