nAfter PSLE: How to Prepare Your Child for Secondary School in Singapore?

After PSLE: How to Prepare Your Child for Secondary School in Singapore?

For a Singaporean child, transitioning from primary to secondary school is a significant achievement. It is a time of excitement and concern.

The coming years will be exciting and full of possibilities, yet they may also be demanding and challenging. As your child walks through the door on the first day of school in Singapore, he or she will encounter new surroundings, new classmates, new difficulties, and new options.

A secondary school is a significantly larger learning environment, with more resources to become acquainted with than the primary school.

Students in Singapore will also have to deal with a doubled workload such as additional academic topics, co-curricular activities, extra-curricular activities, and a variety of other ongoing school programmes.

Therefore, students who are well-supported at this time and who adapt well to their new surroundings will surely be better prepared to deal with peer pressure and other growing pains.

So, as a parent in Singapore, what can you do to relieve your child’s stress and make the transition as easy as possible?

Apply these ways to help your child adjust to secondary school in Singapore

Be Prepared

In today’s modern age, there is a wealth of information online on what the secondary school education process includes. You can assist your child to look up this information together to get a sense of what to expect.

It’s always better to be prepared. Find out what subjects your child will be doing in Singapore’s secondary school and assist them in getting ready for school by providing the necessary school materials. At this age, being embarrassed on their first day of school can be humiliating, so getting off to a good start at their new school will build their confidence.

Open Houses at secondary schools in Singapore are a good method for you and your child to see the grounds and may help them narrow down the schools they want to attend.

Encourage Your Child’s Development and Interests

As a parent, you have to choose a school in Singapore that will support your child’s development and interests. Students will do their best only when they have a sense of accomplishment and growth in their secondary school.

You can support your child to find out what fascinates them, try new things and take advantage of opportunities to contribute to the school, such as participating in the Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs).

When it comes to picking a CCA, you are encouraged to talk with your children about their preferences and areas of interest. You can help them recognise what skills and benefits they can get from other CCAs but leave the final decision to them and offer your unwavering support.

Set Clear Boundaries

Secondary school requires students to become more self-reliant. Therefore, it’s critical to encourage your children to develop freely and teach them not to abuse their newfound freedom because having newfound independence when they first enter secondary school can be exciting.

As a parent, you should set clear boundaries before your children start secondary school that will assist them to understand your expectations of themselves.
These guidelines will demonstrate to the teenager that, even if they are not under as much supervision as they were in primary school, they are still required to do certain basic things. They will develop a sense of responsibility and moral character as a result of the restrictions.

Boundaries you can set with a young adolescent include:

• Time to be at home
• Family responsibilities
(e.g. chores, watching out for siblings)
• Getting permission before they go out after school and on weekends
• Social media guidelines


Secondary school is a significant milestone for both children and their parents. The transition from primary to secondary school is full of uncertainty, worry, and excitement for your child. Your child is now a teenager, and they are navigating a larger world.

We must assist them as much as possible in adjusting to their new school environment. If your child feels that he or she can count on you, the transition will be easier. So be there for your child, lend a helping hand when they need to scream and offer guidance when they ask for it.

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