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Aceing PSLE Chinese Composition in 2023

Composition is an important part of the PSLE Chinese Exam but many students find it difficult and it is the worst nightmare for most of the students in Singapore. However, it can be challenging for many primary students in Singapore to write a Chinese essay but it’s easy to write an essay that will impress the examiners with just a little planning and practice. Here are some top tips to help your child get started to do well in the upcoming PSLE Chinese.

1. Assessing Past Practices & Finding Weaknesses

Reviewing past works is crucial, as is taking the time to analyze the many mistakes and identify areas that require improvement. Prioritize quality over quantity. Students who repeatedly write practice essays without identifying their errors are not doing themselves any favors. If this is done, the opposite will happen: the learner will internalize the errors, which will subsequently deeply influence their writing habits.

Students should consult with their teachers or tutors to determine their areas of weakness. Following that, they should continue to practice correcting their mistakes and develop better phrasing, thought structuring, etc. It is important to compare compositions made over time to track progress. It’s time to take the old compositions out and analyze them rather than tossing them into a dingy closet where they will probably never be seen again! 

2. Possessing A Robust Vocabulary

Writing effectively requires a strong vocabulary. This requires not just having a wide vocabulary but also knowing how to apply it in various situations. Your child’s vocabulary will be constrained if they just know a few words. But, if they have a large vocabulary committed to memory, they will be able to write more creatively and more effectively convey their feelings.

Your youngster can employ a range of memory strategies to increase their memory. Although there are no hard and fast rules regarding which terms to learn first, establishing a strong vocabulary base in Chinese is an excellent place to start.

3. Reading the Question Carefully Before Starting

When exam day finally arrives, it is important to read the question carefully before coming up with a solution. This is particularly true for Chinese composition, where interpreting the question incorrectly can lead to a whole different essay. As a result, the key to producing an effective Chinese composition will be reading and comprehending the question. This is so that the essay will have the necessary keywords and can be written according to the instructions given in the question.

In view of this, your youngster should carefully read the question before beginning to write. Spend the first two minutes checking to see whether you are familiar with the question and reading every word. This will make it easier to make sure that their writing is focused and on-topic. Your youngster would be familiar at this point with the words and quotes they can use in their writing.

4. Structuring the Idea Correctly

The saying goes, “If you don’t plan, you fail to plan.” It’s common for students to start their essays without a specific goal in mind and to “flow with the flow” in their registration. Seldom, when writing, will a student suddenly have an idea, and even then, it might already be too late due to time restrictions or the fact that it would be too difficult to undo the previous sections of the composition.

In order to succeed, students must plan ahead and break their compositions into key pieces, creating a thorough game plan for each component while ensuring appropriate interrelationships. Making a mind map or flowchart, as well as rough sketches of ideas on a blank piece of paper, are some methods for visualizing the flow of thinking. Students can focus on writing and editing that specific piece of paper instead of constantly thinking about ideas.

Ace the PSLE Chinese Composition with Le Xue

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