What Parents Said
About Our Chinese Tuition

  • We just wanted to take a moment to thank Le Xue Education for being such a wonderful centre. Mingzhe hardly understood Chinese before coming to Le Xue Education Center. After taking 15 lessons here, he can recognize more than 50 Chinese characters and became interested in Chinese. He likes this 3R program and the teacher a lot, and enjoys attending the class very much. Every time we access him after class, he could do well! We are also surprised when Mingzhe recognised the Chinese characters on TV and even sang out Chinese songs he has learnt after class. We will continue this 3R program for Mingzhe!

    Bon Lim
    Mingzhe’s Dad
  • Before joined lessons, my child struggled really badly with Interest in Chinese. After attending Le Xue 3R Independent Reader workshop, Chinese seemed much more interesting as an subject. MsLe helps my child by more than 9 fun activities in Qianjuwen classes that enabled him to not only learn how to remember Chinese Characters, but also speak better Chinese! I am really grateful to her!

    Aian Reid
    Scott’s Mother
  • “My son scored an A* for his Chinese in PSLE, and my eldest daughter attained an A1 for Higher Chinese in her GCE O Level. My youngest daughter also attained 98/100 in her recent Primary 6 Chinese examination – the highest she has ever gotten and the highest in her entire class!”

    Mother of 3 Children Enrolled in Le Xue
  • “Zachary has recently received an award for attaining top in Chinese in his school. He has scored full marks for all his Chinese papers, an improvement from his previously average result. This is an incredible feat as he is in Catholic High, a renowned SAP with papers of high standard.”

    Zachary’s Mother
    Zachary’s Mother
  • Le Xue Bishan helps my daughter to improve her Chinese learning significantly. The teachers are passionate and frequently follow up with parents on students area of improvement and their learning progress. The teaching materials are widely covered with school syllabus and key notes that helps students in improvement of composition content and structure. Le Xue Bishan helps my daughter to cultivate her interest in Chinese learning and strengthen her Chinese language foundation. Thank you.

    Suan Imm Ewe
  • “Yue Ying has improved 38 marks in just 8 lessons… jumped from Fail to A* in PSLE 2019!”

    Yue Ying
    Yue Ying’s Mother