Le Xue Education, a professional Chinese education centre, was established in December 2012. The Founder, Ms. Vivien Le was a former teacher in Catholic High School with more than 22 years of experience in teaching and preparing pupils for the O Level Chinese Language Examination.

Our Centre’s philosophy “Joyful Learning While Mastering the Intricacies of the Chinese Language“ , broadens the horizon of the approach in teaching the Chinese Language, utilizing a variety of methods which has been proven to aid in the improvements of her students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We believe in starting young, in particular, capitalizing on the golden age of character development which is between the ages of 2 to 16 years old. We believe that by starting young with the right methods, a more receptive and comprehensive introduction of the Chinese Language will be introduced into the lives of children. Furthermore, much of the materials we use for our syllabus includes up-to-date news as well as cultural connotations for we believe that education goes beyond just linguistic competency but also helping our students to create a sense of identity and develop their character.

Ms. Vivien Le , together with her team of experienced and passionate staff, seek to give a new outlook to students in the learning and receptivity of the Chinese Language

Our Mission

Developing our pupils to reach their fullest Chinese Language potential within a purely Chinese culture environment that is steeped in joyful learning while mastering the intricacies of Chinese Language, thereby enables them to become bilingual scholars.


"Meet Our Highly Experienced Principal"

Our Core Course

Composition & Oral & Comprehension

Master the most critical exam skills and be able to plan, organise and drive ideas in comprehension, oral & composition. This secures your child’s A*s and A1s.

3R Joyful Learning

Master MOE school syllabus, grasp concepts of vocabulary, train in comprehension exam skills and stay ahead of their peers.

3R Independent Reader

Recognise, Remember & Read 1200-1500 characters independently, learn Chinese 5 times faster and build a strong foundation to love Chinese Language and become an independent reader.

3R Independent Reader Program

The 3R Method is a proprietary teaching method developed by Ms Vivien Le. Its specialty is in helping any child master Chinese and ace exams in the most fun, structured and effective way. It also helps students to build a strong foundation and develop a strong interest for the Chinese Language and its culture.