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5 Top Tips to Score Grade AL1 for Chinese Exam ​

All students in Singapore are required to learn a second language, generally known as our Mother Tongue Language. There are three main mother tongues languages being taught in Singapore such as Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Mother Tongue is a required topic in the PSLE, Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level (O’ Level), and Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level (A’ Level) examinations.

In these few years, more and more students in Singapore start to take up the Chinese language as their mother tongue language which can be beneficial for them from speaking, learning and communicating in Chinese in the future. The need to learn Chinese language and do well in the Chinese exam is even greater for students in Singapore.

As students seek to outperform one another in order to obtain admission to better colleges and universities, scoring a good grade and ace in Chinese language will help them stand out from their peers, right? Here are 5 top tips to help your child achieve an excellent result in their Chinese exam.
1. Make vocabulary lists

Creating two separate Chinese vocabulary lists is an excellent method for your child. One vocabulary list is for your children to study and refresh the Chinese word in their memory while another list is for the vocabulary that your child has completely forgotten or is unfamiliar with.

Make sure your children revise the vocabulary regularly to ensure that they are able to recognise the Chinese characters that they have learnt. It is not very difficult, you just have to find out their Chinese textbooks and ensure that they know the words that are listed at the back of their textbooks.

2. Do some general Chinese language exercises

It’s fantastic for your children to see some new Chinese contents, especially when they can’t afford the thought of taking up their revising text book again or feeling tired after completing their Chinese schoolworks. Even just reading a few Chinese articles, a storybook, or some television programmes.

Your child’s Chinese language skills can always be helped by various language media and put them in the right mindset for their Chinese exams. Most importantly, Chinese exams are typically more concerned with your child’s overall language ability. Other than remembering all of their Chinese class materials, both are crucial too!

3 .Prepare own notes

It is sure that every Chinese teacher will give the students in Singapore plenty of practise resources to help them prepare for their Chinese exams. However, the notes provided by the teachers might be a large amount of worksheets, reading lists, comprehension papers and evaluation papers. Many students will find that it is difficult to get started to organise and sort everything to their satisfaction.

It is important for your children to prepare their personalised Chinese notes. Writing notes can help your child remember what they learnt and increase their understanding of the Chinese language. With their own notes, your children also can refer to the knowledge that they have learned easily. They can have a quick look at the notes right before the Chinese exam or when they are waiting for you after school, or having a quick meal.

4. Reassess those past year exam papers

Your child may have acquired a substantial collection of Chinese language tests. Find them out from the school bags as they are great in helping your children to identify the topics and areas where they need to put in more work to improve. Doing these exercises, combined with revising the methods taught in class, can give your children an indication of the types of questions that might come out in this year’s exam.

Remember that your child may be hesitant to show you their work, especially when the works are full with the “red words”. At this time, you don’t have to panic or scold your child; you have to discuss with them and let them know how they can improve this for their next Chinese exams.

5. Be happy and get sufficient rest

As a parent, it is important to not neglect the needs to play from your child because they are your beloved children, not result-driven machinery. Don’t you feel happy when you see their smiles everyday?

You also have to make sure your children receive a decent night’s sleep before their Chinese exam. Don’t let them overwork their mind.. Rather than grasping every component in the Chinese just before the exam, you should let your child make little revision to keep the Chinese language fresh in their mind. Boost their confidence and advise them to relax and trust themselves. Let them know they are always better than what they think!
Good luck to all students in Singapore who will be sitting their Chinese exams in the future!

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