n5 Myths about Learning Chinese

5 Myths about Learning Chinese

Chinese or Mandarin is known as one of the world’s most difficult languages, and the disparities in writing style, pronunciation, and grammar can be intimidating, especially for westerners. However, it may only be as difficult as learning any other new language. The hardest part is deciding to start learning and actually enrolling yourself in a class or course that helps you learn Chinese in a specified period of time. With about 16 % of the world’s population speaking Chinese, it can only be of great benefit to you if you get hold of it!

Myth 1: You need to learn too many Chinese characters

The main reason why learning Chinese appears to be impossible is because of Chinese characters. Learning a large number of characters, each with its own meaning and pronunciation, appears to be a daunting task, but in reality you do not have to memorise thousands of Chinese characters. If you learn about 300 characters, shopping, eating and travelling around can get much easier already! It also forms 64% of all written Mandarin. With private Chinese courses and tuitions being so widely available in Singapore now, you or your child can master this language with much more ease.

Myth 2: You need to have an extremely good memory to learn Chinese

The complexity of Chinese language may have been exaggerated. Every Chinese character has a meaning and is then used in conjunction with other words. Each time you learn a new word, you do not need to learn new characters. A learner can utilise the 150 most widely used Chinese characters as ‘building blocks‘ for other words after learning them. Furthermore, you may appreciate the beauty of some words as well as their logical etymology. Hence, you need a good understanding rather than memorising skills. Instead, it is the Chinese language that aids memory enhancement!

Myth 3: Living in China at some point is required for learning Chinese

Living in a Chinese speaking country can mean more practice and utilisation of the language, but even if you have no such possibility, you can still master your Chinese skills. With the world shifting towards digital platforms, social media tools and online courses are helpful since you can be taught by a native speaker. In fact, attending a Chinese tuition that focuses on fun, effective language learning is also a good way to sharpen Chinese, as all-chinese environment helps. Hence, it is definitely not necessary to travel to China to in order to learn Chinese.

Myth 4: Learning Chinese can take years

It may come as a shock to you that learning Chinese may not take you as long as you think it may! As widely said, ‘practise makes a man perfect’, if you have genuine interest in understanding the language and its basic characters, you will give an effort to listening to news and reading articles in Chinese. You can also enroll in Chinese language courses that have a specific timeline to complete or allow you to learn until a specific level over a period of time. With the appropriate way of learning, a young kid can effectively learn up to 1,500 Chinese words in months and be an independent reader.

Myth 5: Chinese language does not have grammar

Many people argue that it doesn’t have grammar because Chinese lacks many of the grammatical elements seen in English and other European languages like gender, tenses, verb conjugations and plural nouns. Chinese words do not change forms. In reality, the more you learn about the Chinese language, the more grammar comes into play. It’s perfectly reasonable to be able to speak basic, conversational Chinese without having studied much grammar though. But if you are looking to learn more in detail, you can always take private Chinese tuitions to support you.

Hopefully, we’ve dispelled some myths and persuaded you to take on the challenge of studying Chinese. Now that you know better, hop onto learning Chinese online or by the help of tuitions in Singapore. Le Xue Education in Singapore is one such professional Chinese tuition centre for your rescue! They specialise in providing Chinese Enrichment Programme for young children and aiding students to score well in Singapore examinations through Chinese Tuition Class. With over 20 years of experience, the principal, Ms Vivien Le, invented a proprietary teaching method that effectively and elegantly utilises the culture of Chinese language to help the students falling in love with Chinese! Don’t take our words for it – read the parents’ testimonial here.

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