n3R Primary School Joyful Learning - Le Xue Education Chinese Tuition Centre

Le Xue Joyful Learning follows closely with the school syllabus & grasp vocabulary and concepts ahead of their peers to build even more confidence in Chinese.

This critical transition program is for them to study Chinese in a Joyful Learning environment. We take them step-by-step to score full marks for the easy sections first. This helps them secure the easy marks first and starts to build even more confidence in aiming for that AL1 in Chinese

Applied Vocabulary

The first step is to translate all the words that your child has known into applied vocabulary. This means that your child is not only recognising characters, but also actively applying them to different scenarios and together with other words so that he forms as many memory links to them as possible. The more he applies this, the more your child will not only know how to remember but also use Chinese words during exams.

Comprehension Skills

Next, your child will be actively put to the test on his comprehension skills, focusing on aceing the easy sections that form 34% out of 45% of Paper 2. The key sections that will be focused on include 1语文运用(15%), 2.综合填空、完成对话 (14%)and 3.阅读理解一(MCQ 5%). This will be the key to boost your child’s confidence in Chinese and see the possibility to score B and beyond.


Your child will be put to regular practice in both skills in order to improve. This will ensure that he gets consistent results for his Chinese Papers!


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