nComposition, Oral & Comprehension Class - Le Xue Education Chinese Tuition Centre

The COC Technique is our creative method of teaching the students how to tackle the challenging PSLE composition and comprehension, in which they can learn critical skills for them to score well in their PSLE. This technique is based on Ms Le`s 22 years of teaching experience, including the new format, emails, messages and notes.

As we all know, Composition, Oral and Comprehension comprises of a total of 124 marks and they make up 62% of the overall Chinese PSLE score.

The marks scored in this section often determines your score for the whole Chinese PSLE paper.

Doing well in Composition, Oral and Comprehension can help boost your marks.


There will be a new series for every 5 classes. (e.g. a series on consideration, a series on honesty, a series on good people and good deeds) For each series, the lessons will focus on training the students’ reading comprehension, oral and composition skills. The contents of the lessons will be closely linked with one another and will be effective in promoting and consolidating students’ memory of what they have learnt.


Weiling (Joash Chen’s Mother) Anglo-Chinese Independent

“Our sincere gratitude to Ms Vivien Le and her fantastic team of dedicated teachers! Without them, Joash would not possibly have received this award in recognition of his improvement in Chinese, They not only improved his Chinese language proficiency,but also inspired his interest in Chinese. He has benefited so much from the 3R and COC Programme, and I really thank all the teachers who put in their all to help him.”

“Kudos to the dedicated Le Xue teachers! It must have been a challenge to teach a child who had little mastery of the language and was not interested in it at all. They never gave up on him. They went through the comprehension passages patiently and corrected his mistakes for the umpteenth time….they encouraged him to read aloud and converse in mandarin….they marked his compositions and guided him on ways to improve them….and most importantly, they did not make him feel like a failure…thus he had made remarkable progress in composition and comprehension ability . I just regretted not having sent him to Le Xue earlier.”

“It was the right decision to enrol my son in Le Xue. I only wished I had known of Le Xue right from the beginning. It would have been beneficial for my son to be exposed to the conducive Chinese environment in Le Xue at a young age.”


Elizabeth (Mother of 3 Children Enrolled in Le Xue)

“Under Ms Vivien Le and her team’s dedicated guidance, all my 3 children had seen tremendous leaps in their Chinese. All my 3 children attended the 3R and COC Programme and all benefitted a lot from it.  My son scored an A* for his Chinese in PSLE, a feat not easy for many to achieve and my eldest daughter attained an A1 for Higher Chinese in her GCE O Level. My youngest daughter also attained 98/100 in her recent Primary 6 Chinese examination – the highest she has ever gotten and the highest in her entire class! Once again, I say thank you, Le Lao Shi!”