n3 Ways for Students in Singapore To Score AL1 For PSLE Chinese

3 Ways for Students in Singapore To Score AL1 For PSLE Chinese (Secrets from an ex-Catholic High teacher with 24 years’ experience)ext Here

All students in Singapore are expected to take a second language, commonly referred to as our Mother Tongue Language. While in the Singapore exams such as PSLE, Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level (O’ Level), and Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level (A-Level) examinations, mother tongue is a mandatory topic for the students. In recent years, an increasing number of students in Singapore have begun to adopt Chinese as their mother tongue language, which will benefit them in the future. Therefore, the requirement to learn Chinese and pass the Chinese exam is considerably greater. For many parents in Singapore, it is undeniable that PSLE Chinese is a significant achievement for their children, and they certainly deserve higher results, don’t they?

This time, we are here to reveal the secrets from Ms Vivien Le, a MOE-trained and ex-Catholic High teacher with 24 years’ experience, to score AL1 for PSLE Chinese, even if your child didn’t do very well in their Chinese examination this year.

Method 1: Fix Students’ Weak Chinese Vocabulary
Do you know that your child’s lack of Chinese vocabulary in exams can affect their results tremendously? We recognise the significance of the PSLE Chinese and the efforts needed for students to excel. Many parents have given feedback that their child’s lack of Chinese vocabulary has posed obstacles in writing compositions or understanding comprehension passages.

However, Chinese comprehension and oral take up about 40% of the students’ Chinese papers. Failure to ace these portions may lead to undesired results in Chinese, affecting PSLE results. To achieve a good PSLE Chinese result, students have to do well in Chinese compositions and oral but students in Singapore tend to do poorly in these sections due to a lack of Chinese’s vocabulary. Therefore, it is undeniable that building a strong foundation in Chinese vocabulary is the first step for your child in Singapore to score AL1 in the PSLE Chinese.

Method 2: Fix Students’ Chinese Composition Writing challenges.
Writing a Chinese essay is one of the toughest sections. This is due to the reason that most of the students in Singapore hate to write Chinese compositions. When writing a Chinese composition, students will tend to think in the English language then translate it to the Chinese language, instead of thinking in the Chinese language. This action will prevent them from writing an effective flow of Chinese sentences,greatly reducing their chance to score high marks in their PSLE Chinese.

At Le Xue Education, we have the proven formula to overcome Singapore students’ Chinese writing challenges and secure high marks, regardless of the topics that come out in the PSLE Chinese. With the right structure and method to write and articulate their ideas in Chinese , students in Singapore will master the composition skills, leading them onto the path to success.

Method 3: Develop an Answering Technique for Chinese Comprehension
Chinese comprehension 理解问答 is the next big component accounting for a lot of marks, yet students in Singapore always do badly at. Many students may try to copy and paste the answers from the passage but this will end up getting marked wrong by the examiner!

With our correct COC answering strategies and techniques, students can easily understand and assess the questions and subsequently provide the answers that examiners are looking for. This will help them to score good marks in their PSLE Chinese.

Here’s the good news : Introducing Le Xue Chinese Programme!
Early preparation is critical especially for PSLE Chinese because there is no shortcut to getting better at the Chinese language. We understand that it’s not easy for parents to teach themselves as Chinese has many intricacies that require expert knowledge to do well in PSLE! If you are looking for an experienced tutor for your child in Singapore, Le Xue is the expert!

At Le Xue Education, our dedicated tutors will assist our students, including your child, to master every component in the Chinese language. We also will build the right habits for your child to do well in these 3 important segments and score AL1 in their PSLE Chinese! Registration for 2022 PSLE classes is now open – call us at 65541683 to enquire now!

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