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3 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Child for PSLE in 2022 ​

P-S-L-E, the most important national exam at a school for every Primary 6 in Singapore, is the primary school leaving examination which decides the destination of a child academically next year. And it’s that time of year again when it’s time to undertake some serious PSLE revision especially with your children’s Chinese language study. The results of your child’s PSLE will provide an idea of where they will continue their education following primary school. Graduated primary school pupils will select their secondary schools based on their PSLE scores.

In secondary school, it will determine whether or not your child will be allowed to enrol in either the Express, Normal Academic, or Normal Technical streams.

You are undoubtedly enormously involved in the school issues and accomplishments of your child, particularly his exams, when you are a parent in Singapore. However, if your youngster hasn’t started revising yet, now is the time to get that mugging train moving! Here are 3 tips to help your child get ready for this.
Smart study

Make sure your child’s learning is correct. It is very crucial for your children to have the correct learning skills if it involves a language like Chinese language. A friend told her how her daughter would duplicate sentences that would be evaluated the next day. She misspelt the same word in every sentence. Rather than learning the appropriate way to spell words, she committed herself to memory in the wrong way.

Here’s the lesson? Check for errors and correct them early. It’s ideal to start as soon as possible, of course. In other words, if you’re reading this because your child hasn’t even started revising for the PSLE yet. But better late than ever before, right? Sit with your youngster and prepare a daily PSLE review schedule. Remember to spend time relaxing and playing!

Reassess those past compositions

By this time, your youngster will have amassed a substantial collection of “old” compositions like those Chinese language tests or school work. Find them at the bottom of school bags and under desks and get them out of there! They are also excellent for assisting your youngster in considering ideas that will help them develop their own writing skills. Ask them about the sentences they wrote about and find out why they’re happy with it. Which words or phrases could they improve?

Check that they comprehended and pondered on their teacher’s feedback. The teacher’s input should be reviewed to ensure that the students have comprehended and acted upon it. . Remember as a parent that your child may be reluctant to show you their work, especially if it is a ‘sea of red pen’! Don’t panic or judge; the value is in discussing with your child how they would approach the exam differently.

Avoid being too proud to receive tuition

Enrolling in tuition centres at a young age benefited students. The centres usually teach topics several weeks before the school year begins. It is counterproductive to begin working on assessment books and past-year papers too close to the exam. Schools would assign all of these papers to students two months before the exam, but the best schools will have completed the syllabus before the preliminary examination.

Most parents found that they witnessed an improvement in their children’s grades after half a year at the tuition centre. The Tutoring centre was successful in teaching several approaches to make the courses easier to learn for students. Le Xue Education Group has the right plan to help your children if you are considering enrolling your child to Chinese tuition. Making your child study challenges easier will totally benefit them and you in the future.


Your youngster will be taking his or her first national exams at this time. They can feel frightened and overwhelmed to sit with strict silence and vigilance in a hall with other youngsters. Maintain constant supervision to ensure that your child does not become overworked and overwhelmed prior to their assessment. Make sure they have plenty of rest and relaxation time on a regular basis.

Allow your child to understand how the examination may unfold, and allow them to complete practise papers in an examination style so that they become accustomed to the sensation. Last but not least, let your youngster continue to feel like a child! Take your child for a walk, play with them, and always remember that you must be your child’s safe haven and sanctuary!

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