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Chinese Joyful Learning and COC Mastery Workshop

November 5, 2021
Tips To Boost Your Child's PSLE 2024 Chinese Score

We are conducting a 2 hours free workshop for B & A parents and students that covers the following:

  • Why scoring A* for Chinese gives your child an stronger edge than securing the same grades for English, Math and Science (with a statistical breakdown of what really goes on behind the PSLE marking scene)
  • The COMPLETE 3-Part strategy to scoring A*, and how weaker students are actually using the incomplete strategy instead (Hint: It’s not just about how you study, but also about how you ANSWER and ANALYSE!)
  • Learn my 5-cycle method to teach Chinese week by week that not only combines and covers all themes comprehensively, but also ensures that the lessons learnt stick to them during the exams and is applicable across Composition, Oral and Comprehension!

Learn how 100% of our students scored A & A* for PSLE last year!