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Our Centre’s philosophy “Joyful Learning While Mastering the Intricacies of the Chinese Language“ , broadens the horizon of the approach in teaching the Chinese Language, utilizing a variety of methods which has been proven to aid in the improvements of our students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Nurturing our pupils to reach their fullest potential within a pure Chinese cultured environment that is steeped in joyful learning while mastering the intricacies of the Chinese language, enables them to become bilingual scholars.

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Elizabeth (Mother of 3 Children Enrolled in Le Xue)

Under Ms Vivien Le and her team’s dedicated guidance, all my 3 children had seen tremendous leaps in their Chinese. All my 3 children attended the 3R and COC Programme and all benefitted a lot from it.  My son scored an A* for his Chinese in PSLE, a feat not easy for many to achieve and my eldest daughter attained an A1 for Higher Chinese in her GCE O Level. My youngest daughter also attained 98/100 in her recent Primary 6 Chinese examination – the highest she has ever gotten and the highest in her entire class! Once again, I say thank you, Le Lao Shi!”

Lo Wai (Mingshan’s Mother)

Big Surprise That She Could Read Zhonghuazijing Textbook Independently… Even Start To Feel Passionate About Learning New Chinese Characters On Her Own!

Not only helped her to learn about history and culture in China, but also developed her interest in Chinese.

If it wasn’t for your help, it wouldn’t be possible for my child to have more interest in Chinese language.    

Rou Xuan

Rou Xuan is an Indonesian girl, after these three months’ of 3R Independent reader method lessons; she managed to catch up with the normal Primary 2 Chinese classes

Rou Xuan just came to Singapore half a year ago and joined our education center three months ago. After these three months’ of 3R Independent reader method lessons, she managed to catch up with the normal Primary 2 Chinese classes, which is almost three grades higher compared to the beginning! Besides, the remarkable progress is due to joyful learning instead of learning under pressure.

Wee Teng (Zhen Wen and Zhen Yang’s Mother)

“Built a strong interest in reading Chinese storybooks and they were more confident in speaking Chinese!”

Recognition has helped to foster my children’s interest in Chinese.

They are now more willing to read Chinese storybooks and communicate in Mandarin.

Mdm Lim Ren Sing(Lee Cheng En Kason’s Mum)

Cheng En has improved greatly after attending the LeXue 3R Independent Reader Method Programme for only nine lessons. He used to fail his Higher Chinese tests in school, but just after nine lessons of 3R Independent Reader programme he improved greatly and was able to pass his Higher Chinese test. He no longer disliked it, but found it interesting and is more willing to learn the language.
I would definitely recommend the 3R Programme to other students. This programme has helped my son to learn five times faster. Through this programme, he also developed a deep interest in Chinese and this will benefit him throughout his lifetime.

From Badly Fail to Pass in just Nine Lessons!


Mother of Zachary

Zachary has recently received an award for attaining top in Chinese in his school. He has scored full marks for all his Chinese paper components, from composition to comprehension. This is an incredible feat as his previous examination results were average, yet he managed to score full marks and top his cohort! Not only that, he is also in Catholic High, a renowned SAP school, thus his papers are set at a high standard. Without Lexue, he couldn’t have achieved this.


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